Bruno – 5 year old male Mastiff

Bruno is a lovely 5 year old Mastiff, hes a friendly boy who loves to be out on his walks where he is gentle on the lead, and likes to get abit of fuss too! He gets on well with dogs who are calmer and dont bark and jump around him, isn’t good with cats but is great with kids of all ages. Bruno has already been microchipped.

Can you offer him his forever home?


Daisy – 3 year old female Mastiff

Daisy is a 3 year old Mastiff in very poor condition and been bred every litter by the state of her, very kind with other dogs and people but usual rule for our large breed, no under 10s.


Murphy – 10 month old male Mastiff

Murphy is giving you guys one of his sad smiles. He is a 10 month Mastiff and we have put this guy through many tests, he has not failed any although still over 10s as he is clumsy. He is bottom of the pack with all dogs he is a real softy and brilliant with horses.


Kit – 3-5 year old female Mastiff

Kit is a 3-5 year old female Mastiff . She is a fun loving girl, full of enthusiasm for life. She loved fuss and attention and connects well with her handler. She did not want to go too far away from you on an extendible lead. Kit enjoys the company of other male dogs.


Cara – 3 year old female Mastiff

My name is Cara. I’m a Mastiff girl around three years old. I was found abandoned in an empty house. I’m a big girl and full of energy. I will need a home where I’ll get plenty of walks. Cara has been transferred to a busier branch to increase her opportunity for finding a home – kennelled on our behalf with RSPCA Chesterfield at 137 Spital Lane, Spital, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 0HL. Tel 01246 273358.


More photos on this  LINK


Cara – 3-4 year old female Mastiff

Cara – She’s a 3-4 year old Mastiff girl. A total bag of beans and too big/bouncy to go to a home with small children. She’s good with some other dogs. Needs someone who is strong enough to handle her unless you don’t mind being walked by the dog!

More pics on this site (link here)

Kennelled on our behalf with RSPCA Chesterfield at 137 Spital Lane Spital, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 0HL Tel 01246 273358 Animal Viewing – 11.00am – 4.00pm Reception – 10.00am – 4.30pm


Colin – 3-4 year old male Mastiff

This is Colin, he’s a young-ish (between 3-4) Mastiff mash-up. He’s been a long-term project of ours after being given to us by the Metropolitan police when his owner got him into trouble. Colin has been in kennels and working every day on his rehab and is finally at the point where we think he can go to a home, whether long-term foster (feed supplied and vets bills covered) or forever. Colin, for all his size, is a timid chap and a bit of a worrier, he’s improved beyond imagining since we’ve had him, and came on leaps and bounds when he was switched to a female handler, he is also very fond of his male handlers, but actively enjoys the company of girls (he is a ladies man) and becomes more playful and waggy.

He will take time to settle into a new home, and needs a very repetitive routine as any changes (in the beginning, even when we moved a coffee mug) can make him unsettled and he will begin to exhibit stress pacing which he can keep up for a long time. He is fully muzzle trained, because he can be snappy with other dogs, it is an agreed condition of adoption that Colin always wears a muzzle in public, however during his time with us he has been slowly introduced to our resident stooge dogs and has learned to play without being too much of a pillock. A truly experienced home with a truly stable existing dog will not be ruled out as an adoption option (we look at what’s right for each individual dog, we don’t work from tick sheets). But be under no illusion that Colin will be an easy pet! He’s a project dog, for someone who wants to reap the rewards of hard work and seeing him through the next stage of his rehab. He’s never (well, never say never!) going to be a dog you pop down the pub with who wants a fuss from everyone, but he will be a loyal companion and might teach a new owner some new things, we’ve certainly learned a lot from him.

Unusually, we’re happy for Colin to live out as long as he has every day house time as well as daily human contact, he would be an excellent farm dog (wouldn’t they all!), but equally we’ll consider a house with plenty of land – Colin needs much of his exercise somewhere familiar and safe. He travels ok in a vehicle, and has been fine at the vets. If you think you’re up for a real project, we’ll support you as much as you both need, if you adopt in the Leeds area or are happy to travel there on a weekly basis the Colin and you can attend weekly training with his current handler, making the transition easier for both him and you.

For more information on Colin, or to arrange a visit, please email


Clara – 1-4 year old female Mastiff

Clara beautiful Mastiff girl of 1 to 4 years of age. Clara is a real headturner. She is a stunning example of her breed and has a great personality robot . Clara seems a well organised girl who will be a great addition to a lucky family.

Update: From one of our volunteers
Have walked Clara twice this week and initially she seemed quite a shy girl who stayed snuggled in her kennel, putting her head out when i put her kennel mate on a lead she then came out and happily enjoyed her walk. The first walk with both together and Clara on a short lead I found her quite strong but more because of her enthusiasm to get going. The second time I walked her on her own with an extendable which suited both her and me. She really loves to be out and explore and she put a smile on my face knowing how much she enjoyed herself. She connects well with you and pulls at your heart strings.

The very patient Clara waiting to be checked over by our Vet who thought she was just beautiful and took her picture she was a good girl and no complaints with being examined. When she wanted to walk made such a sweet sound it sounded like it was coming from a pup and not our big Clara. Off for her walk and one happy girl.


Jumbo – 1-4 year old male Mastiff

Jumbo very large Mastiff boy of approx 1 to 4 years of age. Jumbo is an awesome sight, big , beautiful and a real head turner. His pics do not show how big he is and anyone considering adopting him will need to take into account the shear space he will take up in the home. He will need an owner who is relatively fit physically as he is a powerful lad. Jumbo, despite his size, is pretty well behaved, he responds well to a handler who can show leadership and, once who is in charge has been established, he walks pretty well on the lead. He would respond well to reward based training and he already knows the ‘sit’ command. Jumbo is a softy at heart and likes to give big wet kisses, he takes treats gently and is a bit of a gentle giant. Jumbo gets on well with his female kennel mate.

UPDATE: From one of our volunteers
I walked this giant chap earlier in the week and, yes, he is very strong but he didn’t pull hard for long. I took him out on a normal lead and it took a couple of minutes for us to settle into a pace we were both happy with – somewhere around a medium-fast walking pace. Jumbo didn’t sniff that much of the hedgerow – he seemed quite fixed on the distance ahead and wanted to get the maximum distance out of his 45 minutes outside the kennels.

We did break into a jog for a short while but he preferred to walk, in truth. As we rounded one corner, a bunch of squirrels were running around on the ground. Jumbo wanted to chase and took me with him for the first few steps, but soon responded to a firm “no” and me digging my heels in. He likes his doggy choccy treats but they look somehow out of place next to his mouth – he’s a very big guy but very lovable, too. Jumbo passed other large dogs very well and showed no interest in what they were doing. Jumbo was no trouble at all to put back into his kennel and I look forward to taking him out again soon.


Beam – 7 year old female Mastiff

Beam came into our care after she had served her 7 days in the pound and was due to be destroyed. As a large dog her home offers are limited, as a older large dog this lessens even more, but do consider our beautiful girl. Beam is a stunning looking girl, she is majestic to walk, although strong on the lead at first after her initial burst has worn of she is much easier.

Beam has had some previous training and knows some basic commands, she gets on well with her large male canine kennel mate. She loves people and adores a fuss, she wriggles and grins and almost bursts with pleasure when she is receiving a fuss, she is a happy girl and her tail is constantly wagging. Beam would make a wonderful companion.


Mac – 1 year old male Mastiff

This is Mac an 1 year old Mastiff boy. Mac was bought as a very young pup, shut in the house most of the time and not socialised. When he was 6 months old the owner decided she could not handle him and he was taken on by another lady. He was then taken to puppy training but has now become too much for his present owner, especially as she has two cats which Mac loves to chase. In experienced hands Mac will make a lovely family dog but if not shown who is boss could get out of hand.

Mac at the left side

Mac has been with his fosterers now for just over a month and has settled very easily into the family routine. He is a loving dog who adores attention and being made a fuss of. He is totally submissive and obediant to all our family. Mac is a handsome young Bullmastiff dog who turned a year old in December. He is a big powerful dog with a massive head. He is already 9st and his enthusiasim for food indicates he will get even bigger. More than anything else he loves eating and gets through just under a kilo of food a day, even then he will try and convince his fosterers he is still hungry! Potentially Mac will be 10st+ when fully grown. Fortunately when eating he is not aggresive in anyway and is very approachable. He shares our house with a neopolitan Mastiff and they have quickly become good mates, they would both happily play wrestle all day if allowed. He also enjoys playing with toys and balls and is not possesive or jealous with them. Mac sleeps downstairs at night in his own basket with no fuss at all, and is happy to wait until we get up in the morning before getting up himself.

Mac has and can be left on his own for a few hours without becoming destructive or chewy and is not a barker, but being a young dog with lots of youthful exuberance he really needs company to keep him occupied. He is clean, fully house trained and has never had any accidents since being with us. He travels well in the back of our estate car giving us no noise or problems. Unfortunately for various reasons before coming to us Mac had not been socialised with other dogs. Which is a shame as in all other respects he is a fabulous dog. On seeing other dogs we have been getting Mac to sit until they have walked past but this has only been partially successuful and he needs a lot of further on going training with this. If he doesn’t sit he becomes very loud and vocal and will strongly pull towards them. It can at times be difficult to maintain control of him. Coupled with his size this can be rather off putting for some other dog owners, those that don’t run off find that he will approach with a waggy tail and is friendly to play. This socialising issue that needs addressing is more to do with the intial sighting of another dog and not the introducing part. Of course the more dogs he can be introduced to the better his behaviour will become. When out on the lead Mac will instinctively pull, which because of his size can get a bit tiresome. So we have been working to correct this, although he is reluctant we are at the stage now where he will walk nearly to heel for longish periods. Which is a big improvement from a month ago. Mac is a trainable young dog who needs firm guidance and on going training from a committed and physically strong handler, who has plenty of big dog experience and who understands the role of pack leader. In the right hands and in a stable enviroment he will be a wonderful dog. Mac would be happy living in an active family home as an only dog or with another big friendly dog to play with. He does enjoy the company of children but because of his size he can quite easily and accidentaly knock them over. So perhaps best suited with children 8 years+. Mac is a loving and people friendly big guy who is a pleasure to have in our home.


Beth – 3 year old female Mastiff

Beth is a large, slightly timid Mastiff girl. She is approx 3 years old. She will need a large home with plenty of space to run around and enjoy life. She is not always ok with other dogs but with a capable owner, she should be fine.

She is a very strong dog, and pulls a lot on the lead so will need an owner experienced with large dogs.


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