Daisy – 3 year old female Mastiff

Daisy is a 3 year old Mastiff in very poor condition and been bred every litter by the state of her, very kind with other dogs and people but usual rule for our large breed, no under 10s.


Murphy – 10 month old male Mastiff

Murphy is giving you guys one of his sad smiles. He is a 10 month Mastiff and we have put this guy through many tests, he has not failed any although still over 10s as he is clumsy. He is bottom of the pack with all dogs he is a real softy and brilliant with horses.


Kit – 3-5 year old female Mastiff

Kit is a 3-5 year old female Mastiff . She is a fun loving girl, full of enthusiasm for life. She loved fuss and attention and connects well with her handler. She did not want to go too far away from you on an extendible lead. Kit enjoys the company of other male dogs.


Cara – 3 year old female Mastiff

My name is Cara. I’m a Mastiff girl around three years old. I was found abandoned in an empty house. I’m a big girl and full of energy. I will need a home where I’ll get plenty of walks. Cara has been transferred to a busier branch to increase her opportunity for finding a home – kennelled on our behalf with RSPCA Chesterfield at 137 Spital Lane, Spital, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 0HL. Tel 01246 273358.


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Cara – 3-4 year old female Mastiff

Cara – She’s a 3-4 year old Mastiff girl. A total bag of beans and too big/bouncy to go to a home with small children. She’s good with some other dogs. Needs someone who is strong enough to handle her unless you don’t mind being walked by the dog!

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Kennelled on our behalf with RSPCA Chesterfield at 137 Spital Lane Spital, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 0HL Tel 01246 273358 Animal Viewing – 11.00am – 4.00pm Reception – 10.00am – 4.30pm


Colin – 3-4 year old male Mastiff

This is Colin, he’s a young-ish (between 3-4) Mastiff mash-up. He’s been a long-term project of ours after being given to us by the Metropolitan police when his owner got him into trouble. Colin has been in kennels and working every day on his rehab and is finally at the point where we think he can go to a home, whether long-term foster (feed supplied and vets bills covered) or forever. Colin, for all his size, is a timid chap and a bit of a worrier, he’s improved beyond imagining since we’ve had him, and came on leaps and bounds when he was switched to a female handler, he is also very fond of his male handlers, but actively enjoys the company of girls (he is a ladies man) and becomes more playful and waggy.

He will take time to settle into a new home, and needs a very repetitive routine as any changes (in the beginning, even when we moved a coffee mug) can make him unsettled and he will begin to exhibit stress pacing which he can keep up for a long time. He is fully muzzle trained, because he can be snappy with other dogs, it is an agreed condition of adoption that Colin always wears a muzzle in public, however during his time with us he has been slowly introduced to our resident stooge dogs and has learned to play without being too much of a pillock. A truly experienced home with a truly stable existing dog will not be ruled out as an adoption option (we look at what’s right for each individual dog, we don’t work from tick sheets). But be under no illusion that Colin will be an easy pet! He’s a project dog, for someone who wants to reap the rewards of hard work and seeing him through the next stage of his rehab. He’s never (well, never say never!) going to be a dog you pop down the pub with who wants a fuss from everyone, but he will be a loyal companion and might teach a new owner some new things, we’ve certainly learned a lot from him.

Unusually, we’re happy for Colin to live out as long as he has every day house time as well as daily human contact, he would be an excellent farm dog (wouldn’t they all!), but equally we’ll consider a house with plenty of land – Colin needs much of his exercise somewhere familiar and safe. He travels ok in a vehicle, and has been fine at the vets. If you think you’re up for a real project, we’ll support you as much as you both need, if you adopt in the Leeds area or are happy to travel there on a weekly basis the Colin and you can attend weekly training with his current handler, making the transition easier for both him and you.

For more information on Colin, or to arrange a visit, please email


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