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Pumpkin – 4 month old female Rhodesian Ridgeback Cross

Hi everyone, I am Pumpkin, a female Rhodesian Ridgeback cross! I am only about 4 months old but I was found abandoned and am now in the care of All Dogs Matter looking for my forever home.

Pumpkin has a sweet and friendly character and loves a cuddle! She enjoys playing with her toys and then snuggling up with them when she is done!

She walks well on the lead, but as a young dog will obviously benefit from further training. She does respond well to treats and already knows how to sit! She has been clean in the house and has had no accidents during the night.

We would prefer her to go to a home where the new owner has previous experience with dogs. She could live with children aged 10 plus but no cats please.


Betsy – 13 week old female Spanish Greyhound (Galgos)

Lovely Betsy is a Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) mix in other words a Lurcher and is approx 13 weeks old. We are not sure what she is mixed with but he does not look like he will grow as tall as an adult greyhound. Bertie and Betsy his sister were found in a box at the vets. They are now safe and being fostered with Auntie Sherlie in Spain. Betsy like her brother are lovely little pups a bit unsure at times but only as young pups are although Betsy seems to be the more confident one. They mixing well with the others dogs and have not suffered any abuse in the little lives so seem quite confident just lovely beautiful babies.

Would like them to go to homes that have had sight hounds in the past and are aware of their needs and lovely sensitive natures. Betsy will be fully vaccinated, chipped and have his own Pet Passport, her new family will be expected to have her spayed when old enough, no full time working homes or very young children please. In the first instance can you please email the rescue for their questionnaire which answers all our questions.


Scarlet – 5 month old female Cross-Breed

Scarlet is about 5 months old. Wow what a lovely girl. Scarlet is a happy playful girl who is always pleased to see you. Scarlet likes to play with toys and play in the garden. She has been on some dog walks and her lead training is going well, she can still be a little jumpy but is getting better every time we go out. She has been good with the children she has met as long as they don’t mind getting a wash! She has also met some cats she did give them a sniff, but then carried on about her business.

Scarlet is a puppy so is still learning to be clean indoors although I am taking her into the garden each hour to help her with this and she is doing very well with only the odd accident. Scarlet also likes cuddles and likes to know what you are doing. She has started to play with the other dogs in the house and enjoys their company. Scarlet has quite long legs and still has quite a bit of growing to do so we think she will be a good medium size when grown.


Pasha – 10 month old female Terrier Cross

Pasha is a beautiful Terrier cross, around ten months old. She was found in a gas station with an infection after a spay, it was nothing serious but enough to convince her rescuer to take her off the streets. Since being in the UK she has proved to be a charming, friendly, playful girl who would love nothing more than to soak up all the attention of her new family by preferably being the only dog.

Pasha is currently learning her basic training and has already learned sit, her recall from the garden is excellent and she is always eager to please. She is an incredibly loving dog and will make a loyal companion to the right person, she tends to follow me everywhere giving little nudges with her paw every now and then. She is a delight and even enjoyed her bath and the groom that followed after.

Pasha walks and behaves well on the lead and is currently doing well with her off lead training. She is medium sized about the size of an Irish terrier and still growing.


Betty – 8 year old female Mastiff Cross

Please meet beautiful Betty! Betty is a Mastiff Cross of approximately 8 years old, she came to us as a stray from the pound – the person who alerted us to her plight said she had given up and stopped eating. She didn’t think life was worth fighting for – how wrong she was. She has been with us a month and has transformed!! She is quite the regal girl and absolutely must have space on the sofa. She will stand and bark at me to move if there is no room for her!! She walks beautifully on the lead although she is a little stiff, likely arthritis setting in – or possibly the cold from the pound, she is house trained, most of the day she spends snoozing on the sofa however she loves her food!

Betty is a gentle giant, she is a darling with not a bad bone in her body. She is a big girl weighing in at 40 kg. She loves other dogs so must be homed either where there is a resident dog or she would have plenty of contact with dogs. She is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. She is a very undemanding and lazy.

Would suit an older person or couple. This lovely old girl would make a fantastic addition to any family as she is really laid back and undemanding, but equally a lovely cuddly loyal companion! Betty can live with other dogs, and can also be housed with children age 13 plus. Betty is spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. She is flea and wormed.

Could this gentle giant take over your heart and sofa!?


Tilly – 2-3 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

This is the beautiful Tilly. Tilly is a 2-3 year old female Jack Russell Terrier. Tilly arrived as a stray about to give birth, her puppies are now weaned and Tilly is ready to find herself a home to call her own. Tilly is a gorgeous girl, she has been a fantastic mum to her 8 babies.

Tilly is a lovely friendly girl, she is house trained, non destructive when left and just lovely. Tilly is good with other dogs, fine with cats and chickens. Tilly loves her walks, and her cuddles. Tilly is spayed, chipped and has had her first vaccination.

Can you offer this girl her loving forever home that she deserves ?


Fleur – 16 week old female Spaniel cross Collie

Fleur is a 16 week old female Spaniel cross Collie seeking her special, forever home. Fleur has been with us some weeks now whilst she underwent vet treatment. She was diagnosed with ‘Vestibular Syndrome’ which means that she has a head tilt (rotation of the head with one ear held lower than the other) and occasional flickering of the eyeball from side-to-side or up and down (nystagmus). She has had a course of treatment to improve the head tilt and help her co-ordination.

The vet has now said Fleur is ready for adoption as there is no further medication or treatment needed. Fleur now has a slight head tilt which does not impede her life as a playful, sociable puppy. Any further improvement may take months and she may well be left with a small tilt permanently. Full vet notes are available.

With the medical condition aside, Fleur is just delightful. She is in foster with cats, children, other dogs and loves everyone and everything. Fleur is very good when left for a couple of hours- she goes to sleep in her crate without fuss. She is crate trained, getting to grips with housetraining and travels ok in the car. She is starting her lead training. She has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead. Fleur is an amazing dog and will be able to lead a normal life for a breed such as hers, she just needs an special home that understands her impairment.

A good fact sheet detailing Vestibular Syndrome can be found at

Fleur is in foster in East Sussex. To apply please complete an online application form via our own website.


Doris – 2 year old female Collie Cross

Doris is a female 2 year old Collie cross. She is a small Collie size or large Terrier. She is very sweet and loves cuddles. Doris is great with other dogs and shares her kennels happily with a large dog. She is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Tuffty – 9 week old female Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Toy Poodle)

This is the beautiful Tuffty, she is a 9 week old female Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Toy Poodle). When Tuffty was born she had problems with her back legs, They fold inwards when she walks and she drags her feet, but this dosen’t stop this adorable, happy little girl, as you can see from the video below.

She has been wearing splints on her legs, and already there is some improvement. She runs around with the best of them, adores other dogs, and children.

Tuffty needs a home with someone who has patience to help her build her strength in her legs. She has trouble getting up and down steps.

This lovely girl’s tail never stops wagging as you can see. She is doing very well with her house-training ( her disability hasn’t made her incontinent).

Tuffty would love a home where someone is around most of the time and either another little kid, gentle dog or a family with children over 6. She is chipped and has had her first vaccination, She will need to be spayed when old enough and we will need proof this has been done.

Tuffty loves life, and there is no reason why as she grows and gets stronger her legs will improve, and she should have a normal long and happy life.

If you can offer this beautiful girl a VERY special home, please complete the online adoption form (find details on how to contact from the ‘About Us’ tab by scrolling down to the bottom of the page).

If you would like to speak to her foster mum (who is a head vet nurse) she will happily speak to anyone who would like to know more about this special girl.


Mika – 2 year old female Labrador Cross

Mika is a female 2 year old Labrador cross. She is a really sweet girl who is of medium size. She is gentle, easy going and gets on with others. She likes toys and loves to carry a stuffed toy around. She has such a lovely nature, she really is a poppet. She is vaccinated, wormed, spayed, micro chipped and vet checked.


Mabel – 2 year old female Husky

Mabel is a 2 year old Husky. She is a lovely, big, solid girl, quiet for a Husky! Gets on well with everyone and is a joy to have around. She loves other dogs and enjoys her play time. She is vaccinated, wormed, neutered micro chipped and vet checked.


Brie – 10 month old female Collie Cross

Brie is a female 10 month old Collie cross. Brie and her brother Stilton are siblings, they were abandoned together. Sadly they were not in very good condition when they were first rescued but fortunately they are both in full health now. They have not seen an awful lot but they are making great strides. Both have sweet, gentle natures and are very affectionate once they know you. She is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.


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