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Dotty – 5 month old female Bichon Frise cross Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dotty came to us unsold due to having a serious heart murmur. She has seen a Cardiac Specialist and has been diagnosed with a small hole in the heart. There is no treatment for this and it is hoped Dotty will go on to have a long and happy life, although we cannot guarantee this. She will need to have her heart re scanned in approximately 12 months at our vets in Kent, just to ensure all is progressing well. We will of course cover the cost of this.

Dotty is in all other ways a typical young pup, full of beans and mischief. She is getting the hang of house training and is enjoying her walks. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day and who understand that her needs could potentially change when she is older. She would be best re homed with another resident dog as she can be a little nervous initially. Once she gets to know you she is a loving little pup who loves to play. She is fine with other dogs, interested in cats and can be homed with older sensible children.

Dotty travels well in the car. New owners will need to be around for most of the day. Her coat will need regular grooming so please consider fully the cost of this before applying. Dotty will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the Adoption Contract. He has been vaccinated, micro chipped and is having regular flea and worming treatment. He is currently on foster in Basingstoke Hampshire.


Lucky – 1 year old female Labrador Cross

Lucky the 1 year old chocolate-colored Labrador cross has a wonderful personality that makes her a very easy dog to become highly attached to, and if you were to spend any time with her you would soon find yourself unshakably smitten. She is very excitable and playful and absolutely adores being taken on a walk or having a bit of playtime. She’s still a tiny, little puppy at heart! Labrador’s are quite renowned for their nigh-on insatiable appetites and it looks as though little Lucky has lived up to this reputation, with a gorgeous rotundity that marks her out from her contemporaries.

She retains the wonderful cuteness of puppyhood and a quick glance at any of the pictures that accompany this write-up will back this up, from her butter-would not-melt mouth all the way to her wriggly bum, this sugar-coated cupcake is a delight from head to toe! There is nothing more satisfying than wrapping this lovely little lady’s squishy tummy in your arms and giving her a great big cuddle! Simply put, how can you not love our roly-poly rascal? She initially arrived at the center alongside her – somewhat slimmer – sister, Bonnie, who has since been adopted. At that point, both were suffering from a quite severe skin complaint and looked a little worse for wear, though still irresistibly adorable! Due to this condition, they were forced to stay with us for longer than they would have liked, but now that she has the all-clear, this portly pooch is all ready and raring to go to find her forever home! Can you offer Lucky a lovely home just like her sister?

Lucky has a lovely nature and so would be suitable in most home environments, excluding those with young children (below 10 years old) due to her excitability, including those with other pooches as Lucky is a very good mixer – though perhaps a little too energetic for certain dogs – but otherwise she’s an adaptable little chublet who can make the right owner exceptionally happy – and will make them feel very Lucky indeed!


Bella – 8 month old female Cross-Breed

Bella is an approximately 8 months old female little Cross breed, spayed and she is house trained, she is vaccinated, passported, microchipped and currently here in our foster care. She is a very happy, friendly little girl who is outgoing and a loveable pup,she loves her food, especially chicken, so this makes her extra easy for training she has very sweet temperament, and growing more and more confident by the day. Ideally she would be be homed with a family to give her a varied and busy life style, but equally she could go to a quite home also as she would thrive on 1-2-1 attention. She is very bright and easy going girl, that just needs the best love and attention she deserves, she is good with all children and cat friendly as tested.

Bella was saved from a factory in Romania along with her sibling’s, where they were almost taken to the public dog shelter by the manager. Luckily for these pups they we’re saved and brought here to have proper doggy a life. Bella loves daily walks and spending time with people, she is very happy when she is sat snuggled on a warm lap having lots of cuddles with a good old belly rub,after having a big bowl of nice food! Bella is looking for love, patience, and kind owner(s) who will continue to build her up and continue with training and grow her confidence in new situations and around new people, ongoing training is always an essential with our dogs as they need to learn, be kept stimulated and be thoroughly worked to get the full potential from them.

Although Bella has not had a good Start in life, she has come along way since first being saved, she shows no anxiety around younger children, adults, dogs or cats at all despite his original loss of trust in humans and instincts transfered from her mum. Bella would like her own secured garden to play in, safe fencing, along with regular daily exercise. All bella wants to do is please you and she is very clever and affectionate. Bella needs to spend the rest of her days being wanted and forgetting her unloved past that she has well and truly left behind, can you be the one to love Bella?


Jessie – 5 year old female Lurcher

Lovely Jessie was previously homed by SGS and is looking for a new home through no fault of her own, she’s a quite a quiet girl and is a wee bit timid until she gets to know you.


Rags – 6-7 year old female Jack Russell Terrier cross Norfolk Terrier

This adorable little lady is Rags and she has such a sad story to tell. She came into rescue with her friend Missy from her previous home where she was not being cared for properly and was most likely abused as well. Rags is now safe in the care of Starfish Dog Rescue where she is being treated kindly by her loving foster mum. She is a Norfolk terrier cross Jack russell who is just 6/7 years of age. Rags has the sweetest nature and is slowly responding to the love and care she is receiving in her foster home. It has been a heartbreaking journey for her; when she first arrived she just hid for days behind a chair and when she went into the garden, she would wedge herself behind the greenhouse and hide, the poor girl. She now has a regular routine which includes walks, meals and of course, lots of TLC.

Rags love going for her walks, but she is still quite nervous and the smallest thing can make her jump. The poor girl flattens to the ground as if she is afraid of being hit. :( However, she will come up behind you wagging her little tail and give you kisses. She is gaining confidence every day with her foster family, which includes another small dog. Rags sleeps well all night upstairs and is clean in the house. She has met the granddaughter and is fine, although she does not like it when she plays drums with a wooden spoon. She would probably do best in a quiet home without lots of young children around. She desperately needs a loving, patient home where her owners will not expect too much of her to begin with but will allow her to gain their trust as slowly as she needs to.

Here is a lovely video of Rags in the garden:

Rags could share her home with another quiet, calm and gentle dog. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and she so deserves to be loved and cherished as she should have been earlier in her life.


Missy – 6-7 year old female Fox Terrier Cross

Cute little Missy came into rescue as a neglected and abused little lady. She is a little Fox Terrier cross who is only around 6/7 years of age. She and her friend Rags arrived in rescue with Starfish Dog Rescue together, in the hopes they would find loving new homes where they can be cherished as they deserve to be. Poor Missy was quite traumatized when she first came into rescue, but just a couple of weeks in her foster home, she is a different girl! She still has that worried look with new people and is not as confident as a little terrier should be, but she loves her foster family and has settled in very well with them. She loves playing ball with the boys and she is happy to make herself comfy on the beds when her foster mum is at work!

Missy just loves her cuddles and she would like a home where she has free access to the sofa and beds as well! She is good on her walks and off the lead, but is still a little anxious and sticks close by you. Although she travels well in the car, she is still just a little anxious and nervous there as well, poor baby. Missy can live with children, but would prefer a quiet home where the kids are a bit older and used to being with dogs. She does enjoy playing football in the garden! She would love for her new owners to give her plenty of cuddles and reassurance and she would really love to share the bed with you at night!

Here is a video of Missy enjoying a game of ball with her foster family!


Tess – 1-2 year old female Cross-Breed

Hi, I’m Tess! I’m about 1-2 years. I’m good on the lead and with other dogs, children I have not met cats.


Hope – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

Hope is very special as she has recently removed for a sticker tumour, a very common and completely curable form of cancer. Although you wouldn’t know it, this little girl doesn’t let anything stop her. She is a delight to have around, so playful and fun. Hope had received all the treatment she will need and is completely cured, but this has put some people off adopting her sadly :( She is only young and has so much love to give! She was found wandering the streets in Romania all alone but luckily was found and picked up just in time.

Now the UK has given her her only opportunity for a loving and happy home of her own. She loves to play and would love a home with another dog for same species companionship. She is house trained and has been living with dogs and cats in foster. She comes with her own pet passport, is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.


Pippin – 10 year old male Lhasa Apso

Pippin is a lovely Lhasa Apso who has come to us after a change in his owners circumstances. He is 10 years old, but acts like a dog half his age! Pippin is a very friendly boy, who loves human company and is very affectionate. He is very good with other dogs when out and about.

Pippin does have severe separation anxiety and really hates being left on his own. He needs an owner who is going to be around the majority of the time. We would prefer Pippin to be rehomed with another dog, as we feel that would give him security and would help with his anxiety. Pippin is very good with children. He can’t live with cats.


Bella – 10 month old female Cane Corso

Big beautiful Bella is a big baby, with a big heart! She was originally from us as a puppy but has sadly been returned due to her owners ill health. She was very timid when she arrived back here, but soon embraced the staff with love, licks and hugs! She is a wonderful girl that will make an entertaining companion for sure, she adores people once she feels comfortable with you and will do anything for food! She is good with other dogs.

Bella is only young so will need someone home for most of the day. She has lived with another dog all her life so far, so may prefer to have the company of another dog in her next home. She is a big girl now and still has a lot of growing to do. She will need an active home as she is young and has plenty of energy. Bella has sore eyes at the moment, she has cherry eye, a common condition in breeds of this kind, she is currently being treated by our vet for it. This bouncy, loving lady will make such a wonderful addition to the family!


Rosie – 12 year old female Collie Cross

Rosie is one of our long term canine residents at Freshfields Liverpool, so long in fact that she has been in our care since February 2007! 7 years in kennels is a very long time, especially for such a loving dog like Rosie. However Rosie has many friends, including a very special family who take her for lots of lovely walks and even weekends away to escape the kennel environment. Here are some photos of Rosie during her adventures. Sadly Rosie does have some behavioural issues and requires a very special, experienced owner who can help her overcome her insecurities. One of Rosie’s main problems is that she is a very reactive dog, she becomes very upset when faced with unsettling situations, such as strangers approaching her, other dogs out on walks, joggers and bikes etc.

Rosie is also very fearful of loud noises and will often lay down and refuse to move on walks. This is usually helped by some gentle encouragement and tasty treats. But Rosie does have so many qualities, she is extremely loving when she knows and trusts you. Not many people get to see the real Rosie, the sweet girl that we have all grown to love so much. These photos show us just what Rosie can be like away from the stress of kennel life. We hope that by sharing these with you, you too can see just what a lovely dog Rosie is. She really does deserve a chance at happiness.

Rosie requires an adult only home, preferably one without many visitors as she struggles to accept more than one person at any one time. Rosie also needs to be the only pet. Ideally we would like to rehome Rosie locally as anyone seriously interested in adopting her will need to spend a lot of time coming to the rescue to form a bond with her. This would slowly progress into home visits to ensure that Rosie is 100% comfortable with her new home before being adopted.

If there ever was a dog that was more deserving of a forever home, that dog would be Rosie.


Bluebell – 8 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Bluebell came to us from a dog pound where she was due to be put to sleep. She has since been to two homes and been returned for the same problem – taking a while to settle in. Bluebell is a lovely dog. She is lively, friendly and extremely affectionate. However, she is very stressed out with kennel life. She lives in our kitchen (as she found kennels so stressful) which she rules the roost of and has us all wrapped around her little paw! Bluebell undoubtedly has the best life of all of the dogs at the rescue in many ways as she has company all day with people milling in and out, throughout winter she will press herself against the radiator absorbing all of the heat – typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier! She also gets an endless supply of treats and she just loves to hoover any spilt doggy dinners from the kitchen floor! Bluebell goes out every weekend with her favourite walkers who take her for a pint and some chips down at the local pub! Sadly for Bluebell though this life does have its downsides; she never gets peace whilst the staff are on the go all day long, and whilst so many people get to interact with her, this also means she has little consistency in her life and no one true family to love. Bluebell does have some behavioral issues, but in the right, experienced home she will make a hugely entertaining companion!

The things and prospective home should know about Bluebell: Bluebell can be destructive when left and she will not cope in a crate. Bluebell needs a safe environment such as a spare room where she can be left if you need to pop out for a while. Bluebell can be quite trying when she becomes stressed as she will tug on your clothes or jump up and grab things out of your hand when you are not expecting it. Occasionally she accidentally grabs your skin instead of your clothes and it hurts. This will be worse here, due to so many stresses with rescue life. However, it is something that may continue in a home, especially whilst she is settling and learning about her new routine and surroundings. She does not mean to be nasty,she is a friendly dog, tugging on clothes is a reaction to a situation she cannot cope with. She needs a calm, experienced home who will not make this problem worse. She will be best not living with children. Bluebell isn’t great with all other dogs. She isn’t too bad when she’s on the lead but she will never be able to live with another dog or any other pets.

We feel Bluebell is like an adolescent dog trapped in an adults body. She was never taught coping skills as a young dog, so we need to think of her as younger than she is and help her to cope with situations she finds stressful. Bluebell needs an experienced owner, someone who has had rescue dogs before and understands they need a lot of time and patience to settle in. If you give Bluebell that chance she deserves, in time you will have the most amazing friend that will keep you entertained for life!


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