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Sadie – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Meet Sadie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who has come to us after her owners circumstances changed. She is 2 years old and is a very friendly dog. She is great with children and can live with children over 8.

Sadie is great with other dogs and would happily live with a male dog. Sadie does have some separation anxiety, so we would like to rehome her to someone who is home most of the time.


Sandy – 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog

”Hello everybody, I am Sandy! I am a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross French Bulldog and I am 5 years old. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstance my owner can no longer keep me and now I am looking for a new forever home with All Dogs Matter.”

Sandy is a sweet and friendly girl who needs to find her forever home. She could live in a home with children aged 8 years and over. She has also lived with cats before, so could possibly share her new home with dog-savvy felines! She is fine with dogs when out and about, but would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

She is neutered, microchipped and will be up to date with her vaccinations.


Lulu – 3 year old female Cross-Breed

Lulu is a lovely medium sized tripawd cross-breed girl aged around 3 years old. She is lovely, she is very kind and gentle, and has the most adorable nature.


Lulu can be a little timid at first, we feel she would probably be better living with at least one other kind natured dog to continue to build her confidence. She is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated and all ready for her new home.



Darcy – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Darcy is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who finds herself looking for a new home. Poor Darcy is an unwanted gift and the owners landlord will not allow her to stay. She loves other dogs and has lived happily with children and a King Charles Spaniel previously. She is house-trained and we would like a home for her with an adult or with older teenage children if possible.

Ideally someone at home at least part of the day please. She is a loveable affectionate dog who will make a fantastic companion for someone. She will be spayed before placing in a home.


CoCo – 7-9 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

CoCo is a middle aged Jack Russell Terrier. Aged between 7-9 years old, dear little CoCo has found herself looking for a forever home only days before Christmas. Loyalty and devotion had served no cause previously, as she is now in need of a new family.

This little girl is a very small Jack Russell Terrier who is a pleasure to know. During her stay at our home, she has been a delightful guest and caused no trouble at all. You couldn’t wish for a better dog, as CoCo is truly a nice natured little individual.

CoCo gets on very well with all the other dogs in our care, of various age, sex, breed, and temperament. Previously she lived with other dogs, so she is used to canine companionship. However, this is not essential. I’m sure she’d be just as happy to receive all the attention, or to share with a steady easy going friend.

Also, we have 3 young children that she is in constant contact with, and gets on very well with them. Like a Nanny, she sits and watches the world go by. However, CoCo would probably prefer the quieter life-style, perhaps with visiting children/grand children or simply none at all.

We feel this special girl needs a retired/semi retired couple of somebody that just wants a companion to sit with. She is not your typical Jack Russell, and is a very quiet girl. Sensitive to change, so taking things slowly is essential.

This girl certainly missed her previous owners, and waited in hope by the door sitting quietly. However, they never came back. CoCo needs an understanding home, you’d have to earn her love and trust as she may not jump and greet you straightaway. Understandably.

CoCo walks beautifully on the lead, and after walking over 400 Jack Russell types (no, not as the same time), she is bar far the best. Very suitable for somebody that likes to take in the sights, or have a social chin-wag through the village.

Home-checks can be done almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, so please apply (details in the ‘about us’ section below! All dogs are re-homed subject to a successful home-check.

Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated with a passport she is ready to go!

Don’t let Christmas be your delay, pick up the phone(texts/email) and get in touch today!


Lily – 1 year old female Collie cross Springer Spaniel

Lily is a 1 year old Collie cross Springer who is just adorable, she loves everyone she meets. She travels well in the car, walks nicely on the lead, and gets on well with other dogs. Lily is spayed, chipped and has had her first vaccination.

Lily would like a fairly active home, where she will get plenty of exercise. Can you offer this beautiful girl her forever home?


Darragh – 12 month old female Cross-Breed

Darragh is a lovely medium sized cross-breed female dog with a short coat. She is currently in the care of RSDR waiting for someone to offer her a loving home. On the 15th July 2014 we spotted one little pup on the road behind the petrol station. When we stopped, two other little pups came over. They were obviously used to people and wanted to be friends although they were still a little timid. All the pups were ill with an infection when we first rescued them but they responded to antibiotics and treatment. They became more confident and all are very affectionate.

They love a fuss from people and have been great with other pups. They should be around medium height but they are quite fine boned so we don’t think they will be particularly heavy dogs. Darragh loves to play with the other dogs and should learn to get on with cats if introduced gently.

Darragh has been lead trained and loves her daily walks. Darragh would make an ideal family pet as she has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, treated for fleas and wormed and comes with her own pet passport.


Mabel – 8 year old female Tibetan Terrier Cross

This cute little lady is Mabel, she is an 8 year old Tibetan Terrier cross who is vaccinated, micro-chipped and house-trained. She is happy to trot along at a steady pace minding her own business unfazed by other dogs and people. Mabel is easy to walk and is interested in all that comes her way looking up at you every so often as if to say “this is great, isn’t it” although sometimes she wears a sad expression albeit that she is a sunny and seemingly issue free girl.


Mabel is very friendly with people; good with other dogs, chases cats and gets most excited when she spies a chicken! Mabel mixes well with our other canine residents and is just an adorable pint-sized pal who would make a delightful companion and housemate. All Mabel is seeking is the perfect pad and loving home that has so far eluded her. We suggest Mabel be homed with older children and not be left for long periods as she gets stressed on her own so may even suit an older couple or person; if Mabel appeals just call us as she’s waiting for a fresh start for happiness; situated South East England, Herts.


Lady – 5 year old female Lurcher

Lady is a 5 year old (approximately) beautiful tan Lurcher girl, her owner has become really poorly and needs to rehome her sadly.


She does not like cats or very small dogs so a typical Lurcher really. She is well behaved in the home and relaxes comfortably (upside down, of course) on a sofa. For further details please contact Dorset Dog Rescue on 07801 282624.


Meg – 12 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Meg is a female smaller sized Jack Russell Terrier aged 12 years old. She would probably prefer to be an only dog but we would try with another calm dog if needed. Families with sensible older children will be considered. No cats please. She came into our care following the death of her owner.

Poor little Meg was terrified when she first arrived and spent the whole time shaking, she is now much more settled and although not enjoying her time in kennels, she is coping but enjoys her time more with people and out walking. Please don’t let her age put you off, Jack Russell Terriers can live well into their late teens and are tough little dogs. Meg has had a thorough health check with our vet and is booked in for a dental and operation to remove a fatty lump. She also needs to lose a little weight. She’s still nippy and a funny little character.


Meg is an absolute sweetheart, she is very loving, loves laps and doesn’t stop giving kisses, and you couldn’t meet a nicer dog. She has led a sheltered life with an elderly lady and I’m sure would prefer a similar lifestyle with her new owner or family.

She is definitely house-trained as she will not toilet in her kennel under any circumstances. She also likes a trip out in the car, she will sit quietly on your lap but likes to look out the window. To be honest, we don’t really insist that Meg follows any commands but she’s good on lead and enjoys all her walks over the park. If she’s off lead in our exercise yard, she likes a little sniff and potter around but more than anything all she wants is a cuddle. She’s a very easy to manage dog.


Meg may be a little grey around her muzzle but her heart is pure gold. You cannot beat the love of an older rescue dog, I’m sure they realise that you have done a wonderful thing by adopting them. Whoever comes to see Meg will fall in love with her on the spot, unfortunately she will be overlooked by most people due to her age. She’s looking for a companion or family with a garden, a relatively quiet home and a comfy bed and good food, not much to ask for is it?

This is what Marvellous Meg would say if she could:

I am a little Jack Russell girl and Meg is my name,
I have no fancy pedigree and don’t aspire to fame.
But what I have, I’ll gladly give, my love and trust to you,
A faithful lass, a listening type, a loyal pal so true.
And when beside the fire we sit, on your lap I’m curled,
Whatever I am to you my friend, you are to me my world.


All our dogs have a veterinary health check and are micro-chipped, neutered, flea/worm treated and are fully vaccinated. They also come with 6 weeks free insurance. Find out how to contact us below (About Us) section.



Sisi – 16 month old female Cross-Breed

Sisi is a sweet sixteen-month-old medium sized female dog with a short coat. She is currently in the care of RSDR waiting for someone to offer her a loving home. In April 2013, four tiny pups were found on the road. There was no sign of a mother dog. The pups were brought back to the shelter and cared for. One of the pups, Sisi, has grown into a happy and friendly girl now looking for her own forever home. She enjoys playing with the other dogs and should be fine with cats if introduced gently. She has been lead trained and loves her daily walks.

Sisi would make an ideal family pet as she has been spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, treated for fleas and wormed and comes with her own pet passport.


Maddie – 10 year old female English Springer Spaniel

Maddie is a 10 year old English Springer spaniel who came into Oldies Club care through no fault of her own. In her foster home, it’s become very clear that she’s a lovely, well behaved girl albeit a little insecure, who would benefit from a quiet, loving forever home. She’s not quite so springy as many of her breed mates so would suit most adult households and she’d be happy if you have a non bouncy dog which could keep her company. Maddie took about a week to settle down in her foster home. She’s happy to be left although she usually has the company of two other dogs when her humans go out. However, she has been left for an hour on her own and was fine. Nonetheless Maddie wouldn’t like a home where her people work full time. She is rather insecure and craves human company so needs someone around for most of the time, especially for cuddles and reassurance.

Maddie is fine with other dogs although she does become nervous if they’re boisterous and bouncy so a calm companion would be great. She’s said to be fine with cats (due to be tested shortly) and was okay when she met some chickens. Maddie has never lived with children but was fine when she met her fosterer’s grandson. However, she’d probably prefer a home without young children as she does relish peace and quiet. She pulls a little on the lead but off lead she is really good and has great recall. Maddie is nervous in the car but behaves well despite that. She whimpers softly and increases that to an excited whine when she realises that a walk is imminent. She jumps out easily but needs a hand to get in. For the long distance to her foster home she was given Valerian compound and she slept for most of the journey. Likes food, food and more food! Maddie likes walks and a tummy tickle. She doesn’t seem to be interested in dog toys or ball play. She’s nervous of boisterous dogs but time and confident handling may alleviate this. She can be a little shy of strangers and is rather sensitive about her head being touched. This may be because she had chronic ear trouble when she arrived in Oldies club care. She arrived with badly infected ears and eyes and scabby skin. This has all been treated and is now much improved. It is possible the problem was caused by an allergy and she is currently on a wheat free diet.

However, her eyes and ears will need regular maintenance to prevent any recurrence. Maddie hasn’t yet been spayed as far as we know. Her new owners will need to arrange to have this done at the appropriate time and Oldies Club will cover the cost. She has been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. She’d be happiest in a quiet, loving home probably with another placid dog or maybe a cat. She would probably be fine with people who worked part time as long as she wasn’t left for too long. She loves her walks so proximity to countryside or a beach would be great, especially if she could walk there and avoid the car. Maddie is a counter surfer and very food oriented. She is also the best behaved little springer I have ever had! Maddie has shown no interest in getting on the furniture even though my two do. Also, she will not go upstairs to the bedroom, although she is fine with steps generally. She can be stubborn though and will not give up a prize easily.


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