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Mavis – 14 year old female Terrier Cross

Please meet marvelous Mavis! Mavis came into rescue when she was handed into the pound as a stray. She was unclaimed after days and faced being put to sleep and so we took her in! Mavis is a terrier cross, our grand ole lady of approximately 14 years and looking for her forever home. She was not in the best condition, She is thin and we think probably blind, although after a couple of days she has settled well, learnt the routine and finds her way around well. She will do anything for food!! For an older dog she is very agile and loves short walks and even a little run.

Mavis is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up next to you. Mavis is not keen on being picked up and she will wiggle equally when she is confused she will howl a very quiet little howl and needs a little reassurance. We think she may have a little bit of dementia but is happy clean and able so deserves a chance! She is clean in the house and fine with other dogs. Mavis is just so adorable and needs a loving home to see out her twilight years in comfort, warmth and lots of love. Please can someone find room in their homes and hearts for this wonderful little lady?


Hope – 4 year old female Cross-Breed

Hope was abandoned at a public shelter when heavily pregnant. She gave birth to nine puppies shortly after. Sadly a public shelter, also known as a death camp is no place to raise a family and seven of her puppies died. One pup was adopted from the shelter in Romania which left Hope and her daughter Charity. The dogs at the shelter live under constant threat of death but a sponsor took pity on Hope and Charity and sponsored their release from the shelter and paid for their upkeep in safe accommodation until were able to take them at safe rescue in the UK.

Hope is possibly around four years old. She has a beautiful temperament with people and with other dogs. She walks well on s lead and is amazingly loving and confidant despite her past.


Hera – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Hera is a female 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is a great little Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Obviously she absolutely loves all people as Staffordshire Bull Terriers generally do. Sheis also good with the other dogs here. She shares her kennels happily and mixes with others on walks and in the paddocks. She is confident and bright and tries very hard to please. She is vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped, neutered and vet checked.


Maddie – 4-6 year old female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Poor Maddie suffered terribly before coming to us, found abandoned on a cold wet night part way through giving birth. We can only surmise as to what has happened to this girl and those thoughts are not pleasant. Maddie came to us when her pups were just 12 hours old, she had two pups, we have no idea what happened to any others or if in fact there were any others. Maddie was in a terrible state with her ears hanging in matted dreadlocks, her back end matted right down to her skin and covered in flea’s, infected eyes and overgrown nails along with terrible infected ears. This alone was bad enough but this poor girl gave birth alone and frightened.

Sadly Maddie’s other pup did not make it, she had a very large hernia that ruptured and nothing could be done to save her. She went peacefully being cuddled. Maddie’s sole surviving pup is now 9 days old, we don’t know what the future holds but we are doing our best for both of them. Maddie still comes for cuddles, her eyes hold fear and sadness yet still she tries to trust. She is the sweetest little girl and the most wonderful mum that you could wish for. She is doing great and looking after her pup really well.

It is doubtful that Maddie has seen a vet yet alone received any treatment, she has very few teeth and will need quite some work when her pup is grown. We are treating her ears and eyes, have trimmed all her matts off and made sure she is as warm and comfortable and secure as we can manage.

Maddie will be looking for a new home as soon as pup is old enough and she has finished receiving treatment. She is currently on Foster in Aldershot Hampshire.


Solo – 12 week old female English Bull Terrier cross Collie

Solo is a stunning girl who is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. She is a typical lively pup who loves to play and is great with the other dogs. We think that she appears to have limited hearing, this will be checked by our vets. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day as she is so young, and who have the time and patience to train a pup with limited hearing.

Solo is great with children and can be homed with older sensible ones who will take an active role in her care. She travels well in the car and enjoys her walks, a little more training will be needed but should be expected as she is so young.

Please do consider fully, before applying, if you are able to meet her needs for potentially the next 15 years. Solo needs owners who will commit to her life long.

Solo is currently on foster in Guildford Surrey. She has been vaccinated, micro chipped and had flea and worming treatment. Solo will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the adoption contract, we can offer reduced cost neutering at one of our registered vets.


Flower – 6 month old female English Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle

Flower is a truly beautiful girl who has come into rescue to find a home able to match her needs. Flower was most likely born and raised on a puppy farm or by a back yard breeder. As a result she is quite a nervous girl who must be re homed with another gentle resident dog to show her the way. Flower would like new owners who are around for most of the day, older sensible children who understand it will take her time to settle and trust them and at least one resident dog.

She really is a little poppet who has had the misfortune not to have been raised in a home environment with people to love and cherish her. She has been clean in the house but may have a few accidents initially. She travels well in the car and is just starting to learn all about going out for walks. As Flower does not molt she will need her coat clipping every 4-6 weeks, please consider the cost of this before applying as costs do vary dependant on area.

Flower has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped, had flea and worming treatments. She is currently on foster in Fleet Hampshire.


Astrid – 7 month old female Cross-Breed

Hello, my name is Astrid. I’m a seven month old female mixed-breed. I arrived at The Mayhew after being found abandoned on the streets of London. I’m a very friendly and sweet-natured girl. I get along very well with everyone I meet, always greeting people with a waggy tail. I also get along very well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes and I love meeting up with them for a play and run around in the park. I’m an intelligent dog and I’m now starting to learn the basic commands, which I’m responding well to and I have an excellent recall but I do need further training so I’ll need someone with plenty of time on their hands to continue my training and perfect my doggy manners.

I’m super affectionate and I love nothing more than snuggling up close for love and attention. I’m also very playful and I’m now starting to learn what fun can be had with toys. I’m now looking for a forever home with an active person or family who have owned dogs before and have researched my breed type. I can live with sensible children from twelve years of age and upwards providing they are used to being around bouncy dogs and I’d happily share my new home with another dog providing we’re the right match. I wouldn’t be suitable to live with cats. It’s not yet known how long I cope being left on my own for so I’m currently looking for a home where there is somebody around for most of the day. My new owners will be expected to continue my training, take me to training classes and provide me with a minimum of one hour of active off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you’ll be taking on a fourteen year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,



Peggy Sue – 19 month old female Rottweiler

Hello, my name is Peggy Sue. I’m a nineteen month year old female Rottweiler. I arrived at The Mayhew because my owner wasn’t able to look after me properly. I’m a confident, active, bouncy and friendly girl and I get along well with everyone I meet, always greeting people with a waggy tail and I’m learning not to jump up when saying ‘hello’. I also get along well with other dogs but I can be a little too over the top with them and most don’t appreciated my boisterous nature. I’m an intelligent girl. I get bored very easily, so my new owners will need to include me in daily activities and keep me both mentally and physically stimulated.

I’m toilet trained, I know the basic commands which I respond really well to and I enjoy learning new things. Super playful, I always enjoy a good game with my toys. I’m also very affectionate and I love to snuggle in close for love and attention. I’m now looking for a forever home with an active, confident and experienced person or all-adult family who have owned large breed dogs before and have researched my breed type. I’ll need to be the only pet in the home. It’s not yet known how long I cope being left home alone so I’ll need a home where there is somebody around for most of the day. My new owners will be expected to continue my training, take me to training classes and provide me with a minimum of one to two hours of active off-lead exercise every day.

If you’re interested in adopting me you will need to be fully prepared for the hard work and long-term commitment involved in caring for a dog, you’ll be taking on an tweleve year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

I hope to see you soon,

Peggy Sue


Daisy – 14 month old female Saluki Cross

Daisy is a Saluki cross girl who came into our care at the end of September at just 14 months of age along with her brother Dre (also featured on here). Sadly their owner could no longer afford to feed them alongside the other 9 dogs in the home. Daisy is a white and brindle Lurcher with eyes like sapphires; she is as sharp as a tack but will happily swap between showing off her commands and playing with her best friend and brother, Dre.

All the dogs were kept in kennels but have been well socialised around people and appear used to being around people indoors. We have every reason to believe they will adapt well to living in the home as they love lounging on the sofa in our office and making the most of the home comforts available. Daisy is very clean in her kennel and waits until her walks to go to the toilet so we are confident that she will quickly pick up house training.

Daisy is a smart dog who pleasantly surprises us every day with new tricks and skills she has picked up. She is always very eager to please and will quickly go into the sit position and demand that you take her paw in the hope of a treat. Once she has finished showing off she loves to run around in circles, tossing the favourite toy of the day in the air, normally a squeaky ball. Daisy loves to play with toys on her own; it’s a joy to watch her throw herself around the paddock pouncing on the toy to make sure it is definitely ‘dead’. She often gets distracted by Dre and it will often turn into a play fight and a chase around the paddock instead. (Daisy has a very full on playing style and likes to pull Dre’s ears!).

Once she has burnt off enough energy Daisy likes to have a cuddle and will come and lick your face clean for you or nibble your nose. She is an affectionate dog who enjoys spending time with people more than other dogs. Out on walks Daisy goes at a very slow pace, as she has to sniff every blade of grass she can find. She walks well on her harness and lead and has no worries about going out for walks without another dog for company but she can be quite defensive towards men and other dogs out on walks.

We believe she wasn’t exercised outside of the home environment much as a puppy so struggles to socialise properly with people and dogs in areas she doesn’t feel 100% comfortable. However, she is very well mannered meeting people and dogs onsite at our kennels where she feels safe and secure. Daisy is looking for a home either with Dre, pictured above together, or on her own. She is more than happy to play and exercise by herself and is so intelligent that we believe that in a home as the only pet, with all the attention and time devoted to her, she could be a magnificent lady.

We are looking for adopters who won’t be out of the house for more than 4 hours at a time and where any children are teenage, as both dogs have a tendency to jump up and run into your legs if you’re not paying attention during play time. Neither dog is suitable to live with other animals; they both have high prey drives so we would recommend not letting them off lead in public areas and to consider muzzle training them.


Dotty – 5 month old female Bichon Frise cross Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dotty came to us unsold due to having a serious heart murmur. She has seen a Cardiac Specialist and has been diagnosed with a small hole in the heart. There is no treatment for this and it is hoped Dotty will go on to have a long and happy life, although we cannot guarantee this. She will need to have her heart re scanned in approximately 12 months at our vets in Kent, just to ensure all is progressing well. We will of course cover the cost of this.

Dotty is in all other ways a typical young pup, full of beans and mischief. She is getting the hang of house training and is enjoying her walks. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day and who understand that her needs could potentially change when she is older. She would be best re homed with another resident dog as she can be a little nervous initially. Once she gets to know you she is a loving little pup who loves to play. She is fine with other dogs, interested in cats and can be homed with older sensible children.

Dotty travels well in the car. New owners will need to be around for most of the day. Her coat will need regular grooming so please consider fully the cost of this before applying. Dotty will need to be neutered at the correct time as part of the Adoption Contract. He has been vaccinated, micro chipped and is having regular flea and worming treatment. He is currently on foster in Basingstoke Hampshire.


Lucky – 1 year old female Labrador Cross

Lucky the 1 year old chocolate-colored Labrador cross has a wonderful personality that makes her a very easy dog to become highly attached to, and if you were to spend any time with her you would soon find yourself unshakably smitten. She is very excitable and playful and absolutely adores being taken on a walk or having a bit of playtime. She’s still a tiny, little puppy at heart! Labrador’s are quite renowned for their nigh-on insatiable appetites and it looks as though little Lucky has lived up to this reputation, with a gorgeous rotundity that marks her out from her contemporaries.

She retains the wonderful cuteness of puppyhood and a quick glance at any of the pictures that accompany this write-up will back this up, from her butter-would not-melt mouth all the way to her wriggly bum, this sugar-coated cupcake is a delight from head to toe! There is nothing more satisfying than wrapping this lovely little lady’s squishy tummy in your arms and giving her a great big cuddle! Simply put, how can you not love our roly-poly rascal? She initially arrived at the center alongside her – somewhat slimmer – sister, Bonnie, who has since been adopted. At that point, both were suffering from a quite severe skin complaint and looked a little worse for wear, though still irresistibly adorable! Due to this condition, they were forced to stay with us for longer than they would have liked, but now that she has the all-clear, this portly pooch is all ready and raring to go to find her forever home! Can you offer Lucky a lovely home just like her sister?

Lucky has a lovely nature and so would be suitable in most home environments, excluding those with young children (below 10 years old) due to her excitability, including those with other pooches as Lucky is a very good mixer – though perhaps a little too energetic for certain dogs – but otherwise she’s an adaptable little chublet who can make the right owner exceptionally happy – and will make them feel very Lucky indeed!


Bella – 8 month old female Cross-Breed

Bella is an approximately 8 months old female little Cross breed, spayed and she is house trained, she is vaccinated, passported, microchipped and currently here in our foster care. She is a very happy, friendly little girl who is outgoing and a loveable pup,she loves her food, especially chicken, so this makes her extra easy for training she has very sweet temperament, and growing more and more confident by the day. Ideally she would be be homed with a family to give her a varied and busy life style, but equally she could go to a quite home also as she would thrive on 1-2-1 attention. She is very bright and easy going girl, that just needs the best love and attention she deserves, she is good with all children and cat friendly as tested.

Bella was saved from a factory in Romania along with her sibling’s, where they were almost taken to the public dog shelter by the manager. Luckily for these pups they we’re saved and brought here to have proper doggy a life. Bella loves daily walks and spending time with people, she is very happy when she is sat snuggled on a warm lap having lots of cuddles with a good old belly rub,after having a big bowl of nice food! Bella is looking for love, patience, and kind owner(s) who will continue to build her up and continue with training and grow her confidence in new situations and around new people, ongoing training is always an essential with our dogs as they need to learn, be kept stimulated and be thoroughly worked to get the full potential from them.

Although Bella has not had a good Start in life, she has come along way since first being saved, she shows no anxiety around younger children, adults, dogs or cats at all despite his original loss of trust in humans and instincts transfered from her mum. Bella would like her own secured garden to play in, safe fencing, along with regular daily exercise. All bella wants to do is please you and she is very clever and affectionate. Bella needs to spend the rest of her days being wanted and forgetting her unloved past that she has well and truly left behind, can you be the one to love Bella?


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