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Dingo – 5 month old male Cross-Breed

Please meet Delicious Dingo! Dingo is an approx 5 month old Small crossbreed who found herself on death row in the pound, she was an unclaimed stray! Such a shame for such a baby to find herself homeless. She looks like a small husky but the vet thinks she is fully grown now and is about English Cocker Spaniel size, although she loves to curl up in bed with you!!

Dingo is a lively happy little girl that would love a family to play with her and keep her occupied, She loves a walk and loves to greet everyone she meets! Dingo is still a pup so will need ongoing training, she is house trained, and is non destructive. She absolutely adores other dogs so could happily live with a companion. She ignores the chickens and rabbits in her foster home! Dingo is fine to be left for short periods.

Dingo is a gorgeous happy, active puppy that so desperately needs a forever home and family to grow up with. Dingo is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped de flead and wormed.


Icy – 10 week old male Welsh Collie Cross

Icy is a male 10 week old Welsh Collie cross, possibly with some Husky in him. He is a sweet lad who gets on brilliantly with other dogs but is nervous around people. He is looking for an active home where he will get plenty of exercise and lots of mental stimulation. He would possibly enjoy taking part in dog sports such as agility when he is old enough. Icy will be homed on a neutering contract.


Clancy – 6 month old male Staffordshire Terrier cross Rottweiler

Meet Clancy, a 6 month old Staffordshire Terrier cross Rottweiler (with maybe a little mastiff in him too!) who has found himself in need of a new home through no fault of his own. He is an absolutely sweetheart who loves a fuss, although he has a cheeky streak too, as you’d expect from a pup of his age! He gets on well with other dogs (and is currently being fostered with two) and is loves people of all ages.

If you are interested in making Clancy part of your family, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Joey – 2 year old male Collie Cross

Meet Joey, a two year old Collie cross (possibly with some german shepherd in him) who is looking for his forever home. Joey has had a rough time and can be nervous of new people at first, though he’s soon won around once he realises that he’s not going to be hurt. He is a very affectionate boy who adores being around people he knows and trusts, and he also mixes well with other dogs. He’s a real cuddle monster and no trouble at all around the house.

Joey would like an experienced home to continue working on building his confidence around strangers. He is fully housetrained and content to be left for short periods of time.

If you would like to offer Joey a home, or want some more information about him, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Joey is being fostered in Southend, Essex.


Gus – 9 year old male Rottweiler

Gus is a 9 year old Rottweiler that came into our care last year after he was removed from his owners by an Inspector. Poor old Gus was in quite a state, very skinny, with bad hair loss and very overgrown claws. Since he has been with us he has put on lots of weight and quite a bit of muscle. His hair has grown back really well and he looks super handsome now. He’s an elderly lad who likes to sleep a lot. We’re urgently looking for a retirement home for him as we don’t think he should have to live out his days in a kennel environment.

Although Gus was brought in with two small bitches, he doesn’t really like male dogs, so ideally would need a home on his own or with another steady older bitch. He likes to get out for a bit of a potter about, but can’t walk far. Due to his age and the fact he likes to sleep a lot, we’re looking for a home without children as he likes the quiet life.


Sherman – 11 month old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sherman is an 11 month old neutered male Staffordshire Bull Terrier that came into our care recently after his owner’s marriage broke down. Sherman has been very well looked after and very well loved before he came to us and that really shows in his personality. He loves people and gets really excited when he meets new people.

He’s good in the house and is okay to be left for a few hours, he is also used to sleeping in a dog cage. He gets on well with all the dogs he’s met while he’s been with us and has previously lived with two cats. He hasn’t had much training, but he knows the basics and is very quick to learn and eager to please.


Nanook – 1-2 year old male Terrier cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Nanook is a lovely, cheeky chap who loves people. We think he may have some Staffordshire Bull Terrier in there but he has a lovely wiry coat. He is very playful and loves his toys, he likes to carry a toy with him at all times. He was abandoned by his previous owner last summer and has been in kennels ever since. He is a favourite with all the dog walkers as he is so happy and cheerful, and loves to get out on his walks.

Although he is okay with some dogs, he can get a bit worried about other dogs around his toys, so he ideally needs to go as an only dog with no cats or other small furries. As he is only a young dog he will need a fair bit of exercise.


Leo – 10 month old male Lurcher

Leo is feeling a bit down in the dumps his forever home hasn’t come along. Scruffy, handsome, loving and gentle. His home has to be out there!!! Please share like made and help this boy find his new home. Leo is a lovable scruffy 10 month old Lurcher and he is a very friendly, gentle boy with bags of character. Leo came to us from the pound as an unclaimed stray and he is proving to be such a good boy we can’t understand how anyone could abandon him! Leo is a super dog, that just wants a loving family and a sofa. He is good with other dogs. Leo will be a lovable loyal friend for the right family.


Ben – 10 week old male Border Collie

Ben is a 10 week old male Border Collie from working lines. He is currenlty in a foster home and being very well socialised with everything! He is a beautiful natured boy and would thrive in an active experienced home. He is good with dogs, good with cats and good with children.


Alfie – 7 month old male Terrier cross Dachshund

Alfie is a 7 months old male Terrier cross Dachshund. He is a real character and needs a confident terrier experienced home. Alfie is very bright and loves to learn and picks up training very quickly. He has a very sharp mind and needs someone who can channel his energy in postive ways. He has had three homes already and hasn’t been socialised. He doesn’t know how to behave with other dogs and needs a calm confident dog who can guide him.

Alfie needs to be taught manners and taught how to behave with people, he is very boisterous and will push the limits and needs to be taught boundaries in a calm consistent way. He is good with some dogs and is a no to cats. He is good with children but would be better with older children.


Archie – 13 week old male Lurcher

Archie is a gorgeous approx 13 week old Lurcher puppy looking for a new home. Archie came in to rescue as a litter of four puppies that we rescued after they were being given away for free. His litter mates were re-homed but Archie had to be kept back due to a suspected heart murmur and he required further tests. Archie has been under close observation and we have done everything we can to make sure we got to the bottom of his condition.

After a series of tests and a final scan on Thursday we have fantastic news from the vet that Archie only has a tiny hole in the heart. Archie may be affected is his very elderly years by this but we can’t predict the future for any dog and the prognosis is Archie will live a normal, happy, healthy life and is now ready to be re-homed!!! Archie has been in a foster home and has been extremely well socialised and is doing brilliantly with his toilet training. He is currently in a foster home with dogs, cats and children and is excellent with them all.

Archie is already walking well on lead and knows basic commands. Archie really is a wonderful puppy who is full of love and will make a wonderful addition to a family. We are doing everything we can to give Archie the best possible start, yes he is a typical cute pup and he is also a 12year plus commitment and you need to be sure that you have the time and finances to give Archie what he needs. If you are Interested in applying for Archie you will need to complete an application form, you will need to have proof of local training classes you have researched thoroughly the cost and training style etc. Archie will go on a strict neutering contract that will be followed up and must be adhered to.


Quintin – 4 year old male Pug cross Border Terrier

Quintin is a very friendly little dog, but very vocal and quite active as he is only 4 years old. He travels well in the car, gets on well with all sizes and varieties of dogs and also he shared his original home with a cat. Since arriving in foster he has been clean and dry in the home and will ask when he needs to go out. He is a little on the heavy side but with a little more exercise he will tone up. He is not greedy with his food, and plays with our Belgian Shepherd and Scottie very well.

Quintin gets very excited when we prepare to go out and does bounce around quite a bit. Further training and a routine and he should calm down. Quintin is very well behaved, will obey commands and has generally fitted in with us very quickly. He slept well last night, but did venture upstairs to be with us and our two dogs at night, but I think this was due to being in strange surroundings. He really seems to enjoy the company of our dogs, which is nice as he has been an only dog for 4 years. He has met other dogs whilst out on walks and has shown nothing but friendship to them all. He seems to have a slightly crooked toplip which curls into his mouth, which means that some of his top teeth show and also a “side fang”.

It does look as though he is snarling but far from it, we have not seen or heard anything of the kind. He will need some further training on walking on the lead though as he does pull very badly, but we are working on this. He does snore a bit too!! He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently on foster in Gravesend Kent.


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