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Chico – 9 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

My name is Chico, I’m a Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy aged 9 years old. I came into rescue with my best friend Jodie after our owner passed away. I have big brown eyes and a lovely smooth chocolate coat. I am a very lovable, steady boy in need of a new home. I am good with dogs and all people, little and large! I am lonely here in the kennels, Jodie has already gone to her new home but I am still waiting. I would really love to be snuggled up in front of a fire this Christmas.


Bobby – 6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

My name is Bobby, I am a 6 year old tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy. I originally came to Carla Lane Animals in Need as a stray, the dog warden collected me and after spending 7 days at the council kennels I was up for destruction, because my owner didn’t claim me. I was in a state, starved and in need of some TLC.

After months of extra meals and cheese and biscuits for supper, I have now reached my target weight. I walk well on the lead and will sit, paw, lie down, roll over and even speak for a yummy cube of cheese – mmm my favourite! I am a happy, friendly boy with big gentle chocolate button eyes. I need a pet free home, but would love my own human for Christmas.


Bart – 7 year old male Greyhound

Bart is looking for a new home due to a change in his owners circumstances. Bart is excellent in the house – fully house-trained and has good manners when people are eating. He does like to lie on the couch but will lie on his bed if told. He is fine with all the other dogs in the house apart from when he is sleeping. He does like his own space when he is sleeping.

Bart is fine with other sighthounds and calm dogs but does need careful introduction with other breeds, however Barts owner has worked very hard with him and he can now walk passed calm dogs, he does not like off lead dogs running up and getting in his face though, he is very anxious if this happens. He gets fed with 2 other greyhounds at the moment – he hasn’t shown any signs of food aggression.

Bart loves to go out for walks and gets quite excited when he sees his lead coming out. He knows basic commands such as sit, lie-down and paw and is very responsive to his name. He is a big snuggle monster and loves to curl up on the couch for a cuddle. He loves to play with a tennis ball in the garden and will amuse himself for ages just throwing it around and chasing after it before collapsing in a heap. Bart has a lot to offer a potential new home, all he asks is for this home to be his forever one.


Goldie and Buddy – 11-12 month old male Greyhounds

Goldie & Buddy have come into SGS’s care due to a change in their owners circumstances, they have always lived together and have to be homed together, they don’t really act their age as you will see by the photos, they are happy playful dogs, they have been in our care for a couple of months and in that time we have built up their fitness and had them fully assessed by vets, and their teeth cleaned etc.

Goldie and Buddy are really good fun and they will add love and laughter into any home.

If your considering taking on two dogs please give these two a chance, you won’t regret it.


Wesley – 2 year old male Greyhound

Wesley came into our care after breaking his leg at Armadale racetrack. He is a quiet and sweet little boy who loves ear rubs and cuddles. He is currently in his SGS foster home and is continuing his recovery from his broken leg which is healing nicely and is on the mend and looking forward to getting a home of his own.


Bertie – 2 year old male Cross-Breed

Meet Bertie, he is about 2 years old. He is good with other dogs and on the lead he has not seen cats.



Jack – 1 year old male Jack Russell Terrier

Meet Jack, the 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier! He is looking for a new home after being found as a stray! Jack is a lovely, sweet boy who loves cuddles and strokes. He also loves walks in the park and playing with his toys. He is looking for a home with someone who has had experience with Jack Russell Terriers and who can give him lots of love and attention!

Jack is good with dogs when out and about and could possibly live with a calm female dog. Jack can live with children over 12. He can’t live with cats.


Monty – 1-2 year old male Collie Cross

This is Monty he is 1-2 years old and a collie mix, lovely lad and great with other dogs. Very good in car as you can see just sits and watches. Good with horses and non destructive be great for outdoorsy active family who travel.


Butch – 10 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Butch is a happy little guy, excited and joyful to meet new people! A typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Butch loves people and craves attention and strokes. His owner left him with a friend two years ago and never returned for him. Butch’s current carer can not give him the time or walks he needs. Unfortunately Butch does not like other dogs, sadly this is not his fault, rather it was his original owners fault for not socialising him! Butch therefore needs a sensible home that will walk him at quiet times or in quiet areas.

Butch has not been around children for many years, he therefore needs an adult only home. At the moment Butch is living in a flat and rarely gets taken out to go to the toilet, he therefore has to go in the house. We are sure like most dogs that Butch would prefer to be clean and given the opportunity, would be toilet trained. Although he is 10 years old, he still has plenty of energy in him so needs an active owner to give him a couple of nice walks a day. This lovely boy has had a sad time being passed around, we are determined to find him a loving mum and dad for the rest of his years!


Milo – 6 year old male German Shepherd cross Japanese Akita

Stunning Milo has had a hard time lately, he belonged to the son of the lady that brought him to us, neither of whom wanted him so was kept outside and pretty much forgotten about. When Milo arrived he was so down, his face had a heart rendering look of utter depression and neglect written all over it. Within a day or two, Milo realized that he was now safe, warm, loved and had a second chance to find a loving home, someone who would look after him properly and love him forever! The look of depression disappeared and a happy face and tail wag now greets us every time we see him!

Milo is a strapping boy, he is huge but underweight at the moment, we hope he will soon be looking a million dollars with some TLC! He is friendly, but as he has never been around kids we would like an adult only home. We have been told he is okay with dogs as long as they don’t bark at him. As he hasn’t been in a home environment for a while, he might be best with someone around for most of the day to help him settle down. This handsome, gorgeous boy will make a wonderful friend.


Hooch – 7 year old male Labrador

Hooch is looking for a new home as his owner had to move away to look after a sick relative. He is a typical Labrador, bouncy, happy and full of life! He is a lovely dog. His previous owner was panicky when walking him around other dogs, therefore we are not 100% sure what he will be like around them as she always kept him away.

We have been told that when a dog has ran over to him he has just sniffed them. Hooch has grown up with teenagers. He is toilet trained and can be left for a few hours. Hooch is a fabulous boy and will make a wonderful companion.


Jasper – 7 year old male Pointer

Sweet, sensitive Jasper is looking for a new home. He was from us 4 years ago and is sadly on the hunt for a new mum and dad as his current home feel they can’t cope with him. Poor Jasper, like many rescue dogs, suffers from separation anxiety. Jasper’s family have abandoned him once in his life and now his second home feel they can’t commit to him. Unfortunately, this reinforces all of Jasper’s fears, that the people he loves will leave him. We need to make sure that his next home commit to him for life! We can an we will help Jasper to settle into a new home, with the right people and help from our behaviorist, Jasper can come to terms with his abandonment issues. In his current home Jasper will panic when left alone, he has been known to open cupboards, get on the work surfaces and chew things. He therefore needs someone who is pretty much home for most of the day and is willing to work with our behaviorist to help him.

Jasper is also terrified of loud noises, such as fireworks and rain on the conservatory roof. He is a very insecure dog. Jasper needs someone experienced with rescue dogs, that knows they can be insecure and that this is not their fault. Above all he needs someone to commit to him for life. Jasper needs a quiet, calm home, a patient owner, with no young children. He is currently living with a dog and is good with other dogs when he is off the lead, when he is on the lead he will bark. He doesn’t like cats. He is a wonderfully affectionate dog and will give his whole heart to you in loyalty. He just needs that chance of a home for life.


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