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Humbug – 5 month old male Greyhound cross Saluki

Humbug is a beautiful, wiggly brindle Greyhound cross Saluki puppy of just 5 months old and approximately 22″ to the shoulder. He came from a family situation who just couldn’t cope with a puppy and is now looking for a committed and loving forever family to call his very own. Humbug is a very loving and full of life little boy who shows huge potential to be a perfect family member. He is a typical puppy who plays rough and loves nothing more than a bit of rough and tumble but he is also very clever and loves to learn. He is very bright and there is no malice in him whatsoever, just a cheeky little chappie with oodles and oodles of love to give the right family. If you want a beautiful and bouncy ray of sunshine in your life then this is just the boy and he also gives the best cuddles!

Humbug is a very clean boy in the house and has only had one accident which was down to human error and will pace next to the door to tell you he needs the toilet. He sits down and patiently waits for his dinner and has no guarding issues whatsoever over his food/bowl etc. He loves to welcome visitors into the home and although he does still have the tendency to jump up, he is fast learning that this is not acceptable so will need on-going guidance with this. He also sleeps well through the night once he has settled down and will try to make himself as small as possible to snuggle on your lap for cuddles in the evening…He’s just so sweet!

Although still very much a baby he is very good with the three cats and several pet chickens he shares his foster home with. He loves dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes but obviously thinks that everyone wants to play with him (or should want to) even when they really and truly don’t! He is constantly learning his doggy manners and really is a very sweet pup getting on very well with the 7 year old Greyhound he currently lives with and another puppy.

Humbug will whine for a little while in the car but soon settles and is remarkably well behaved on the lead considering that he is still just a baby. He adores going for walks and its essential that his new family give him plenty of exercise (at least 1-2 hour walks) and socialisation to help him reach his full potential. Once his recall training has really taken off and he has bonded with his family Humbug will be great off the lead in a safe area away from roads and livestock. Humbug is also learning to play fetch with a ball which he loves so plenty of garden playtime is also a must.

We feel Humbug would best be suited to a very active couple, or family with older teenagers, that have sighthound experience and who will be fully committed to socialising him and carrying on with his ongoing basic training or even have a go at agility! Humbug mustn’t ever be let down again and is in desperate need of being in a forever family as soon as possible with lots of love and a good routine. Please note we do not home dogs to a family with children under 8 years old and we feel that older teenagers would be best for Humbug to really blossom with.

Humbug is currently in a foster home in Suffolk. He can be homed anywhere in the UK provided we have a home checker available, but please note that you will be required to travel to Suffolk to meet and collect him. Humbug is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. A home check will be required as part of the adoption procedure.


Lexie and Red – 4 year old female Greyhound and 2-3 year old male Lurcher

If Kerry Greyhounds were a dating site we would have found the perfect match in Red and Lexie! Lexie is a fawn Greyhound girl who is nearly 4 years old and approx 27 ” to the shoulder. She sadly came from the illegal ‘flapping’ tracks and poor Red who is only 2-3 years of age is a fawn lurcher, probably Greyhound/Saluki/Whippet cross and just 24″ to the shoulder. He found himself in a PTS pound situation after being used for illegal coursing, he was then homed, but sadly, has been returned to us as he did not like being in a large pack environment. It was love at first sight for these two stunning hounds and they must be homed together as if Red is without Lexie he soon becomes very shut down and sad. The transformation when they are together is just amazing and a joy to watch.

Red absolutely loves Lexie, she is everything to him. He is a beautiful boy but can be fearful and shy of men but feels much more at ease with women but once in his new home he will soon learn to realise that men can be gentle and kind. Red does love his treats so we feel when he learns to relax and feels safe he will be very trainable and he also tries hard to be clean in his kennel. When he is with his girlfriend Lexie he becomes a different dog who will play and become happy and animated but without her soon he becomes a shadow of himself.

Lexie is a little blonde bombshell who is so very grateful for the life she is now living. She is bubbly, playful and friendly and loves everyone and everything! Lexie is great on the lead and in the car and keeps her kennel very clean so it should be a doddle to house train this gorgeous girl. She can jump up for cuddles, which obviously needs to be addresses but loves treats and is very bright so basic training should come quite naturally as well. She adores Red and will not be packing her suitcase without him any time soon!

Red was very good in the home and clean but sadly Lexie has never had the chance to be in a loving home environment but shows very positive signs that she will adapt quickly with a kind and patient forever family to help show her the ropes. Lexie is very friendly meeting other dogs of different sizes and shapes but has not been cat tested to date. Red can be grumbly occasionally but only due to sheer fear of some other dogs and lack of confidence so will need support and ongoing socialising to help him with this. Both Red and Lexie love their walks and are very good in the car. Lexie is great on the lead but Red can pull occasionally although he will soon settle with some patience and tasty treats! They will need at least two walks a day of about 30-40 minutes each and it’s a must to have a garden where they can play together and do zoomies.

We feel Red and Lexie would be best suited to a fairly active couple or a family with older teenagers so Red can gain confidence in a kind and gentle family environment and as already mentioned they must be homed together due to their very close bond. We also feel that a home with no other resident dogs would be best due to Red’s inability to cope with too many dogs in his home. Please be aware we do not home dogs to families with children under 8 years old but because Red is timid we would only home with older teenagers.

Both Red and Lexie are currently in a kennel in Suffolk. They can be homed anywhere in the UK provided we have a home checker available, but please note that you will be required to travel to Suffolk to meet and collect them. Red and Lexie are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed. A home check will be required as part of the adoption procedure.


Esme – 8 year old male Weimaraner

Esme is an 8 year old male Weimaraner. She is a lovely girl, great company and lovely to have around. Sadly her owner has moved overseas and was unable to take her along. She has lived with children, cat and other dogs. whilst with us she has also met many more dogs, several cats, a large pig, cattle and horses and met them all with friendly curiosity.

She is house trained. has an excellent recall. Travels very well in the van. Is not destructive and is not a barker. Esme is fit and active, she enjoys her walks and meeting new people and dogs. She is okay to leave for reasonable periods, but would be happiest not left home alone all day.

She is looking for her very own forever home, she is at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly. Potential adopters will need to be able to travel to the Sanctuary to meet / collect her, once they have completed the questionnaire, and a home check had been completed.


Stevie – 1 year old male German Shepherd Dog

Stevie is a German Shepherd Dog, he will be a year old in May. This gorgeous lad has a lovely temperament, and is very tactile and affectionate. He is used to children and is fine with other dogs, big and small. He is boisterous so needs ongoing support to teach him to contain his enthusiasm. Stevie travels well, is house trained and lovely to be around. He can reach most things in the house and like most teenagers, is not averse to helping himself to ‘edibles’ if left lying around.

Stevie has boundless energy, and an eager brain. He would like an active family to amuse & keep out of trouble. Although generally very polite & well behaved, he would be bored to death, (& this could all change), if he was left home alone all day.

Stevie is at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly. Potential adopters will need to be able to travel to the Sanctuary to meet / collect him, once they have completed the questionnaire, and a home check had been completed.


Lightning – 6 year old male Basset Hound

What an adorable chap Lightning is! He will be 6 years old at the end of April 2015, is super-friendly and loving and has a really lovely, soft temperament. He has come from a home where he has been much loved and well looked after and we want to get him back into one asap. He is a happy-go-lucky boy and loves a game and cuddle, followed by another cuddle and a bit of a sniff about of course (he is a hound after all!). We had a great time in the enclosure with him and he is lots of fun!

Lightning will need human company for a lot of the day please, every day. He will want, and need, a couple of good walks a day please in the countryside or at the beach and will enjoy playing in the garden with you, which will need to be securely enclosed for a dog please. He is housetrained of course and knows basic commands, bless him. He walks well on the lead.

He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He can be rehomed outside of the county (Norfolk), within reason, and subject to a successful homecheck. He gets on well with other dogs and could live with one, he has experience of children and could live with children aged 7+ and he is even good with cats! He’s a good all round boy!

Lightning is of course a rare find in rescue kennels and we hope he will be very popular with Basset-lovers. He really is lovely, it’s as simple as that!


Stanley – 6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Stanley is a 6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Stanley is a very sweet small stocky Staffordshire Bull Terrier with bags of energy and plenty of love to give his new family. Stanley was found as a stray and has come to us via the dog pound. He has settled in well and loves all the staff especially is he gets a back scratch. Stanley is strong on the lead but soon settles. He loves to go swimming and will often try and jump in our duck pound.


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