Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Nelson – 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Nelson is a 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Nelson is great with children and has lived happily with another dog. We have no knowledge of him with cats so would advise a home without felines. He is house trained and well behaved in the house. A lovely happy dog.


Butch – 4-5 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

‘Hello all, my name is Butch! I am a 4-5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and am waiting in kennels to find my forever home or just a foster to care for me while I wait! I was found abandoned but luckily was taken into the care of All Dogs Matter.’

Butch is a sweet boy who has clearly not received much love or attention. He is keen to listen and learn but does not know many commands yet. He really enjoys his walks and does know how to ‘fetch’! A game of fetch is one of his favourite games and has him flashing his super Staffordshire Bull Terrier smile in an instant! He will need an assertive and loving new owner but he could live with children aged 10 plus and possibly a calm female dog. He has not been cat

tested yet.


Roco – 4 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Roco is a really smashing 4 year old Staffy.  He is a very happy, chunky boy who is full of energy, cheeky fun and with his wonderful smiley face just makes you laugh when he comes bounding up to you to say hello. He plays nicely with other dogs and is great with children, but as a typical Staffy powerhouse a family with children over 7+ would be best for him.

Roco 2

Roco would love someone at home much of the time as he loves company and wants to be properly involved in family life.  Roco tries very hard to please and will make the most loving and loyal companion to a single person, a large family or anything in between.  He gets on well with other dogs and is well socialised but we think he would be better as the only dog so he can have you all to himself.


Roco, pictured above with Dennis (also looking for a new home)

Now, Roco is looking a bit moth-eaten, our vets tell us its seasonal alopecia, we just think it makes him a bit more special and hopefully, just like the Emperor, he will soon have a new winter coat of many colours.  We love Roco very much and are determined only the best will do for his next home so he can truly have a happy forever after.

Roco 3


Jessie – 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jessie deserves a family who understands and rejoices in her Staffordshire Bull Terrier affection. She would love her own garden or a secure area so she can enjoy play. Jessie seems to accept being left in the kennels. She is in good health and has just a few hard pads on her elbows and a few age-related lumps. Jessie needs to be an only pet to assure her security and stability.

Jessie was found stray and unclaimed; she wore a collar with ‘Jessie’ written on it. She has been mixed within the ‘pound pack’ and with other Staffies. Jessie has been spayed, chipped and first vax’d. She is in Broxbourne Kennels.

Jessie is very feminine. She bustles along and has a habit of wanting to hold the lead in her mouth as she seems bothered by its presence; it is perhaps a new thing for her. She meets dogs well and can relate well but she ‘beelines’ to her humans as her focus of affection. Giving affection is as important to Jessie as receiving it. Her housetraining seems intact. Jessie enjoys travelling; she is a ‘chatty Cathy’ with her little snorts and mumbling: possibly a pure bred Stafford.

Jessie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier around five years old. She was overweight and had hard pads on her elbows and doesn’t look like she has had much exercise. She is looking more trim these days. We do believe she could be an off-lead dog but her new owners would need to first prove she was ‘bombproof’ if challenged by another dog. Jessie is a darling with a laughing smile to win over any heart.

Interested in homing Jessie?

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Please note that this dog is currently in boarding kennels and is also available to foster until a ‘forever home’ is found.

Please visit Jessie’s thread on our forum to find out whether she is still available. For full details and daily updates on all our dogs available for homing,click our forum link.


Mystery – 2 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This is Mystery! And it is quite a mystery how this sweet dog was abandoned and ended up in our care! All Dogs Matter are now doing all we can to find this girl a new home or even just a temp foster home while she waits!

She is 2 years old and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She has been okay with other dogs and could therefore possibly live with a calm male but has not been cat tested yet. She could also live in a home with children over the age of 8.


Gracie – 6 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Please meet Gracie, what a sweetheart! She is having to look for a new home due to a change in circumstance with her previous owner. She is a 6 year old, beautifully blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier! She is already spayed and is up to date with her worm/flea and vaccinations.

This adorable girl is fine with other dogs, but would probably prefer to be the only dog in the home. She could live with children over the age of 8 but has not been cat tested yet.


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