Cesar – 2 year old Collie Cross

This is Cesar, a somewhat famous stray in Craiova Romania. He once belonged to a family where he believed he was safe. Adopted by them as a puppy he grew up giving as much love and devotion as any puppy would to his family. However, as is the case for many in Romania, as soon as he lost that “Puppy look” he was cruelly thrown out on the streets to care for himself. The majority do not make it, they are either mowed down deliberately by the locals in there cars, will be killed by more aggressive dogs to protect the food source in the area ( human waste) or will die of horrific injuries after being targeted by vile animal abusers who are in the majority in such countries as they detest the air the strays breath. To them , dogs are to do with what they wish, to beat,abuse or to kill.


Cesar thankfully was among those that made it, but not without his battle scars, in this case he lost his rear leg. This however did not stop this incredible dog from getting around, he is as fast and able bodied as any dog with four legs is. He used his wonderful charms on humans to survive, many restaurants and butchers shops knew Cesar and though they were unable to offer him a home, when Cesar came barking at there front door they would come out with left overs for this affectionate and sweet dog. However one day, the notorious dog catchers caught up with this incredibly brave dog. He had dodged these barbarians all through the years, seen so many of his kindred strays strung up by the neck, beaten within an inch of there lives, then thrown in the back of there van along with there other victims to be driven to the horrific public shelter where a vet known by the locals as “The Butcher” resides.

In this shelter they sterilise and operate on the dogs without anesthetic. Now Cesar was facing the same fate. Thrown into the back of a van, he found himself in the one place no dog wishes to be. Unbeknownst to Cesar the local non profit animal welfare group was battling to save his and his fellow prisoners lives. The local Cityhall hall are as corrupt and underhanded as any in Romania, refused to listen to the demands of the group as dog killing is big business in this country. The local group Speranta Pentru Animale then called upon the help of a charity thousands of miles away in a country called England. This charity was well known for coming to the aid of such groups and animals in need.

After a petition that gathered over 10,000 signatures in a matter of a few days and two of the charities representative flew to Romania to speak with City Hall, Cesar along with 11 others found there freedom and Cesar along with his friends found safety and foster in the United Kingdom arranged by the same charity. Though the battle in Craiova is not over, and the charity and the local welfare group still are fighting on for the rest of Caesar friends still imprisoned in that excuse of a shelter. Cesar now is looking for a forever home, this brave soul who has fought so hard all of his life can now rest and look forward to a new future knowing his friends back home had new allies in the humans of the Speranta Pentru Animale and Action Aid for Animals.

Cesar gets along wonderfully with humans of all shapes and sizes, also is very good with other dogs. He is Microchipped,  Vaccinated Inc Anti rabies), Vet checked,  Sterilised, Deflead, Dewormed, Full EU Pet passport.

If you could offer this incredible friendly and sweet dog a forever home please contact our charity as soon as possible. He is currently in foster in Nottingham but we welcome potential adopters from anywhere in the UK.

Action Aid for Animals
For further details regarding adopting from Action Aid for Animals in the UK, please contact adoptions@actionaidforanimals.com or telephone 0208 1234 976. Outside these hours text/call Emergencies only: 07585935950
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