China – 4 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Homing Requirements: China needs a home where her needs are central to her family. She can be left, can live with another dog or 2 and needs support building her confidence meeting dogs outside on her walks. She would enjoy a secure garden with an inclusive life style i.e. sleep in the bedroom rather than in the kitchen as Staffordshire Bull Terrier tend to enjoy. China could live with respectful children. Unassessed with cats.


Her Story: China was found stray and unclaimed. She waited far too long in the pound for a rescue place but is now with us and is amazing. We have certified she is spayed and is chipped and vax’d. China is fostered in Hertford, Hertfordshire.

Advert: How are you my ‘old China!’ Very well, so ready for my new life and excuse me I’m not old! China is actually not delicate either, well only as the ‘flower’ of beauty she is. China shared a kennel with a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is now sharing her foster home with 4 female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross’s and she has been learning to develop the tolerance and accommodation living in a pack demands. China picked up with housetraining very well despite prolonged kenneling. She is versatile and responsive to her owner’s wishes. She loves to play and is enjoying life again to the full.

China is a 3 year old Staffie with a pale tan coat and black muzzle. She is about 15″ to the shoulder so small and still under weight but building health being in loving foster home. China is a pretty little thing and deserves a family of her own who can offer her the support she needs.

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***PLEASE NOTE: This ad has been posted by Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue. We are a registered charity (No. 1139407) and our work involves finding unwanted dogs their life long homes. We currently have approx. 100+ dogs under our wing. We usually ask for a minimum donation of £150 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help us continue helping homeless dogs***.

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