Clifford – 16 week old male French Bulldog

Clifford is a 16 week old male French Bulldog. Clifford is a truly scrumptious little chap who has come to us for hand rearing as he has a cleft lip and pallet. This is very treatable and does not affect his health. The greatest risk comes from him inhaling his milk and getting pneumonia.

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There are risks with rearing puppies as with any animal its best that mom does it. We have to give this little chap a chance as his condition is easily treatable. He is doing well so far but we have a long road ahead of us before he will be ready for surgery.

*Update October 2016*

Clifford is now 8 weeks old and just doing so well. He is weaned now so no more tube feeds for him. Cliff loves his biscuits – he cannot be fed soft food as it would get stuck in the hole in his pallet and could cause a very big problem. He recently had a surgery on his lip. Sadly it didn’t stay together so big man will be back to the vets shortly for another go. He is a plucky little fella who wins the hearts of all who meet him.

Cliff will need further surgery’s when he has grown some more and his pallet has hardened a little. He is a great little chap and we will soon be starting a fundraiser to kick of his surgery fund. Please do cross post and support Clifford if you can.


*Update January 2017*

Cliff is coming up to four months old now and has had two surgeries already – he had his hair lip repaired, sadly the first repair did not hold and surgery was then repeated. This time Cliff had a couple of teath removed from just inside his nasal cavity as these would cause him problems later on. He then got an infection and had to be sedated again to have a good check and ensure the wound wasn’t breaking down. Thankfully not. His lip has healed well and we will shortly be looking to start the first of his next two surgeries. The pallet is repaired in two operations generally and we are hoping to operate at the end of February all being well.

*Update March 2017*

Cliff and Bungle are doing well, both came into rescue to be hand reared as they had cleft pallets. Cliff has had two surgeries already and is in need of a third. These boys will make wonderful pets once their treatment is completed but we need your help to make this happen. The costs involved are vast when we already have so many other dogs needing surgery and treatments.

In total the bill for the boys will be in the region of £4000 – Many will ask if it is worth it, look at their happy faces and we will always say yes! They have not suffered and have every chance of a full and happy life once we have completed their surgery. We could never not help a dog just because of the cost involved. Pro Dogs will always help where and when we can. In order for us to continue we need your support.Share and share – the more people aware the better.

We have so many applications for the boys, if everyone donated £5 we could cover their operations. That’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things but to these lads its life changing, life giving and life loving! The sooner we get these lads fit and recovered the sooner they can go onto their new homes and new lives.

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