Cobweb – 6 year old female Bichon Frise

Timid Cobweb is an ex-breeding Bichon Frise bitch aged about 6 years old, who is being fostered in Worcestershire. Cobweb was one of the most terrified girls we have had in and has been under the gentle care of a very experienced foster mum who has worked hard to bring Cobweb out of her shell. She is very confident running around the house and garden. She curls up with the resident dog to go to sleep. Cobweb likes to collect things – including her full water bowl which she will carry from the kitchen to the sofa in the living room (it is empty by the time she gets there). Cobweb smiles! She will now give eye contact, wag her tail and look at her foster mum as if to say “Yes, what do you want?” To see Cobweb running across the field with her foster dog sibling is just delightful. Her love of life really shows through and you can see the joy in her face!

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Cobweb has a hypermature cataract in her left eye which has been almost totally absorbed. She does have sight in her left eye, it should not deteriorate and no action is required. The right eye has a minor cataract for which no treatment is currently required. Bichon cataracts can develop very quickly so the eye will need to be monitored – although it may never change. No medication is required. Cobweb is very frightened of any physical human interaction. She is just showing signs of coming to her foster mum for attention in the morning when she gets up. It is very tentative, but we are definitely seeing a waggy tail. Quick movements are not appreciated. With more time and patience she will come to enjoy the fuss that she wants, but isn’t quite brave enough to have yet. She is petrified of wooden sheds and does not like cages of any sort. Her chosen place to sit is the top of an old desk which she can access easily, is raised and enables her to have a good view of anyone in the room.

Cobweb has met all sizes of dogs, both male and female and has visited homes with dogs. She is well behaved and runs around with them although she currently doesn’t understand play properly. She happily shares with her foster sibling and accepts visiting dogs without issues. In the last couple of days she has started playing with the resident dog but is still rather unsure of the concept. When other dogs come to the house Cobweb may bark initially but there is no aggression and the barking soon stops. She has not been tested with cats or other small animals. Cobweb walks well on the lead. She does not pull but has not mastered walking to heel yet – although she likes walking with her resident dog friend and will walk with her when she walks to heel. She is still hand shy, so the lead needs to go on when she is in a “safe” zone where she feels comfortable. Cobweb’s fear of people has to be considered when walking in certain areas. It hasn’t stopped her foster mum going to places but they have to be mindful of her anxiety and act accordingly.

Cobweb doesn’t mind being left either on her own or with the resident dog but cannot be crated as she is distressed when in enclosed places. When the resident dog goes out without her Cobweb will bark because she wants to come too, but settles once everyone has left. As she is so fearful of being shut up she is most comfortable in a bed in the corner of the room where she has walls on 2 sides for protection, so people can only approach from 2 directions and she has 2 directions in which to run if she feels that she needs to. Cobweb has met a variety of adults – she barks at visitors for a short time to start with but if you ignore her she stops. She has a wander round to look at people. She will get closer now than she used to – but still darts off if the visitors try to interact with her.

Cobweb has visited the vets – and is now very good. Her foster mum carries her in and she lets the vet do whatever he has to. Cobweb went a full 45 minute eye examination without any fuss. She is not happy to have her paws touched though. She travels well in the car – she goes to sleep in the back of the car with her foster dog friend in a crate. A lot of work and training will need to be on-going to work on Cobweb’s confidence both in the home and outside. House-training is getting there. Her foster mum is gently touching her paws each day. All of Cobweb’s current life is about developing, learning and trusting. It will be a daily labour of love to help bring this wonderful girl around but the joy she brings with each small step forward is priceless.

Cobweb needs a very special home with a lot of experience of handling ex-breeding bitches. She will need a lot of patience and love. A nice, secure garden is an absolute necessity – she loves running around the garden. Cobweb must be rehomed with a calm, confident resident dog who will give her confidence and show her how this being a pet works. Everyone in the home will need to understand ex-breeding bitches and their issues. It is essential that the environment isn’t too hectic. She would probably be okay with older dog-savvy children as she isn’t bothered by children running around when she is on walks. We would not rehome her with small children. Her new family will have to be very calm.

Cobweb is up to date with her worming treatment, her vaccinations and is micro-chipped. She is neutered and flea treated. Prospective adopters will be expected to travel to meet her in her foster home in Worcestershire.

If you are interested in adopting Cobweb please read about our rehoming process and complete a Pre-Adoption form ( link here ) and one of our adoption coordinators will contact you for a chat.

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