Coco and Daisy – 10 year old female Labradors

Coco and Daisy are beautiful 10 year old chocolate Labradors who are in an Oldies Club foster home near Aberlour, in Moray, Scotland, waiting for someone to offer them a lovely new home together. Coco and Daisy are good with other dogs and could live with quiet, calm canine companions. There are three resident dogs at their foster home and Coco and Daisy accept them, but don’t particularly enjoy their company. Coco will join in their games, running around and chasing, but Daisy’s poor eyesight prevents her from having much interaction with them. Having said that, Daisy did meet a neighbour’s young male Labrador and she seemed to adore him and even tried to play!

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Daisy and Coco have been fine with the cats in their foster home. They could live with a cat, provided it is a nice one! Daisy would be vulnerable to getting hurt by an aggressive cat as she’s almost blind and doesn’t always realise when she’s very close to a cat.

Coco and Daisy lived with children in their former home and would be fine to live with respectful children who are old enough to understand that older dogs need to be treated gently and allowed lots of quiet time to sleep. Coco enjoys her walks. She jumps about and runs around with the other dogs. She likes being near you. She loves eating! Daisy likes lying in the garden in good weather. She enjoys exploring at her own pace when out for walks. She likes being near you. She loves eating too!

Coco has no particular dislikes but Daisy gets upset when anything, for example dogs or cats, rush up to her quickly and take her by surprise. A home with people who will enjoy spending lots of time with them and be able to spend time with them separately too as they have different needs. Owners with experience of blind dogs, or who at least understand that Daisy needs special attention, particularly on walks, and will keep her safe. They (particularly Coco) would like a home where they will be allowed on sofas!

Coco and Daisy are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have been wormed and flea treated. Coco has had some fatty lumps removed and still has a couple, plus two small warts – on her nose and on the side of her face. The vet advised leaving these unless they start to bother Coco or increase in size. Coco isn’t really overweight but shouldn’t put any weight on. Daisy has arthritis in her back legs. She has just started having Loxicom which will be ongoing medication and should improve her mobility. Her previous owner gave her a fish oil capsule twice a day and the vet said this could be continued. Daisy has a little sight in her left eye, but none in her right, due to a cataract. Daisy needs to lose weight and is having Arden Grange Light food (as is Coco).

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