Daisy Best – 3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Please meet Daisy Best who is Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross possibly Whippet as she runs like the wind and is slight of build. Daisy Best is the most superlative girl of all time. She is a wonderful family dog. So loving attentive and kindly. Let me tell you about Daisy Best. She adores her three year old friend in this picture. She will follow direction and crawl on her belly army style just like the child, the two of them together.

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Daisy although boisterous with adults, jumping up and jumping up (working on this) with children she is ultra gentle. Also goes softly to check the tiny baby’s crib and quietly sniffs to see she is alright before finding her best friend again. I am sad to have to part this dog from her family and I would like a loving family to take her on.

Here Daisy Best is with her doggy friend where she has a typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier play. Not wishing to stop. She is good with all dogs she has met. If boisterous. And here Daisy is doing what every dog should be allowed to do. To run and run and be a dog off lead for a minimum hour and half each day. Her recall is fine. And now we see Daisy Best (the rescue gave her her surname) back with her best friend. This is Daisy’s day.

Can you continue in the life of Daisy giving her the love she has known? She is 18 months old. She suffers a little separation anxiety so needs a ‘home most of the time’ person. And a time to adjust and a little time alone training. She is up to date chipped and neutered.

Animal Action Essex

Animal Action Essex

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