Dawn – 3-4 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dawn is a pretty little 3-4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, quite novice in her skills, but eager to please and thrives on kindness. She needs time to find her centre … and signs are she is happy to settle on a comfy chair and enjoy the peace of the garden or in a bed in the window bay looking on the passerby without a murmur bless. Tender sweet soul who needs time and patience and lots of assurance, good quality food and cuddles. Her dawn is here … is your Dawn here?


Dawn was found stray and ran out of time. She has come into us and is currently separated in the house from other dogs but is meeting them outside and learning to relax. She was already spayed and is just going through the vaccination programme and chip.

Dawn needs a dog experienced family behind her as she has had a really sad life and lacks skills. She needs bags of reassurance and consistency. Dawn needs focus on her housetraining coupled with praise and opportunity. To live as an only pet and no live in children.

Dawn is coping exceedingly well in a situation where she is learning to relax and achieve a balance between her own company and stimulating encounters and reassuring experiences to build her confidence. She carries a sadness and ineptitude which is strange as she has clearly been spayed, so therefore cared for? She is currently clingy yet is quiet being left and seems to accept her lot. Observant to respect boundaries but so eager for love and caress. She has a desperateness as though she has never had the love she craves. With confidence at the end of her lead she is learning to meet dogs well outside.

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