Delia Shaw – 4 year old female Labrador Cross

Delia Shaw is a 4 year old female Labrador Cross. This girl has had a terrible life in Romania where she recently traveled from. The memories that she holds are of fear and uncertainty. Such a beautiful girl, with a spirit that has been abused by the unkindness of man. Delia lives with many other dogs here in Glinton Cambridgeshire, and that is where she finds her strength. In the kindness of the other of the same kind, who have lived similar lives and experienced the pain that she had. It is most likely that this girl was born on the streets before being captured and taken into a death camp (also known as a kill shelter). Delia is very shy towards people of both sexes and would not approach you straight away. However, since her time with us, she does not run at the chance but will sit on her bed whilst we walk past.

Delia will allow us to place food near her without a problem, but she is not yet ready for human contact. Our first Romanian dog (Arthur Mellows) was an extreme case of fear and it took approximately 5 months of working with him slowly. Lots of cheese, M&S finest ham and many chapters of an Agatha Christie novel. The end results were wonderful and certainly worth the journey. Delia is not as extreme as Arthur was but is not a dog that can be taken out for wonderful walks through the woods, by the beach or anything like that just yet. She’d require love, patience, time and understanding.

If you are hoping for an overnight result, please close this page as Delia may not be the dog for you. This girl needs a very quiet environment where she can come around in her own time. No demands, no expectations of performing sits and stays or jumping up on your lap for affection. She requires the time before the above may become a reality. Delia Shaw does not need to live with children, simply because she deserves the attention. Because of her beauty, most people gravitate towards her whilst she is trying to run the other way. Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and neutered as necessary.

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