Dexter – 8 year old male Weimaraner

Dexter is an 8 year old male Weimaraner, arrived in our care with Luna in the autumn of 2015. We’d taken a call from a local pound asking if we had space for 2 Lurchers. Imagine our surprise on finding what we did – definitely not Lurchers but a Husky and a Weimaraner! Ideally we would be looking for Dexter and Luna to be homed together. Whereas Luna is the brains of the operation. Dexter not so much, bless him. Dexter is Luna’s goofy side kick and really not overly bright! He does as he is told and Luna likes to tell him *a lot*! He is more than happy to kowtow to her though and somehow they oddly seem to work. Dexter is a great big soft bag of mush.

Dexter seems fine with most as long as they don’t shout at him! If they do he shouts back, its not aggression just the fact he likes his own voice and hey if someone else is shouting he is shouting too! Dexter and Luna could not be homed to a home with cats or small furries due to Luna’s prey drive and they would not be suitable for a home with young children under 10 years old.

Dexter and Luna are two are lovely dogs who are very typical of their breeds! They have not had the best life up until landing in our care and need a home with patience and understanding and the time, space and energy to exercise them enough and to keep them mentally stimulated (Luna definitely, Dexter just likes games!).

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