Diesel and Eve – 5-6 year old male and female Cross-Breeds

Please meet Diesel and Eve, our medium mixed breeds. Diesel is about 6 and Eve about 5 years. Our beautiful bonded pair, desperately wishing for a home together so they don’t have to be separated. Adult dogs Eve and Diesel absolutely adore one another. They follow each other about everywhere. They lived together on the Romanian streets, had pups, were caught by the dogcatchers and thrown into a public shelter. Then, they were saved together, and after months in Rescue we finally have them here and we really don’t want to split them up. Not only do they love one another, but they are such sweet dogs who crave cuddles and attention from people. They cuddle up together to sleep (with their pint sized kennel mate squeezed between them, too cute!!). They are good with other dogs but can’t live with cats.

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It’s hard enough finding a home for a black larger dog, but even harder finding a home for two together. But we know there must be that special home out there, and it will be very a lucky home, as these are two such lovely dogs. They are great on the lead and just as happy at home getting lots of love and cuddles.

Eve and Diesel are such an amazing pair of dogs, we really want to find them a wonderful home where they can be happy and loved together for the rest of their days. Both are vaccinated, neutered/spayed, microchipped and have their own pet passports.

Beacon Animal Rescue Centre (BARC)
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Beacon Animal Rescue Centre (BARC) in Canterbury, Kent, please email info@barc.uk.com (please allow around 48 hours for a reply, our phone number is for emergencies only). Please note, an adoption fee applies. Our ethos is a modest one; to save one life at a time. We believe that animals deserve a chance for a better life no matter where they are born in the world. That is why BARC are committed to rescuing dogs and cats from both within the UK, as well as rescuing animals from countries where they face extreme hardships and have no other alternatives, like Romania. In the future we also hope to be able to contribute towards neutering programmes in countries that need it most.
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