Digger – 9 month old male German Shepherd Dog

This is the delicious Digger he is a very handsome male German Shepherd Dog, he is approximately 9 months old. Digger is still entire and he will need to be neutered as part of his adoption agreement. He is fully vaccinated and microchiped. Digger came into our rescue from a UK pound as he was picked up as a stray here he was had reached his 7 day deadline for collection by his original owners but as none had come forward to claim him he was out of time and due to be put to sleep as a result.


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Digger is now in foster care and he seems to know he has been saved as everyday he is full of beans. His foster home reports that Digger is lovable, agile little rogue, full of character and adolescent energy, he’s something of a work in progress. Around the house he’s a charm, sociable and playful with the six other dogs that he’s currently living with. His obedience to the basic commands he already knows, sit, paw and down, is sharp and quick, keenly eager to please. He enjoys the company of his foster family, and especially dotes on people, but has no anxiety to speak of when separated from the rest of the family for any reason, and settles to wait patiently until invited to join in again. He’s completely house-trained. Out and about he becomes quite anxious and distracted, especially in new, unfamiliar places, and is noisily reactive on the lead, especially other dogs. The anxiety Digger shows is due to lack of socialisation and immaturity and despite all appearances it is not aggression or dominance in any sense as he just doesn’t know how to meet and greet properly and this issue is being addressed. However once Digger has gotten close enough to greet, the anxiety quickly turns into playful enthusiasm at meeting a new friend!

Digger is very good with people, even strangers and with older teenagers he has not yet had the opportunity to meet smaller children as he is very bouncy and may well knock a small child over. Digger hasn’t been cat or small furries tested as yet and extreme caution would be advised. Although this doesn’t mean it couldn’t be worked through, but a very slow and careful introduction would be advised.

Digger is a work in progress and further lead work and socialisation will need to continued on from his present training by his new owner to continue to bring out the best in him.

If you feel that you can offer Digger his forever home then please get in touch with us using the ‘Contact Us’ page and fill in one of our online Adoption Forms.

South West GSD Rescue
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