Dizzy – 5 year old female Pug

Dizzy is a 5 year old female Pug. Dizzy is a gorgeous girl who is looking for her forever home, she does have some special requirements for her re homing, please ensure you read everything fully before applying. This little lady has a spinal issue, there is nothing that can be done to improve this and she has had all medical investigations to confirm this. Dizzy walks with an unusual gait and her back legs do sometimes give way, because of this she will need a carpeted home to protect her feet and legs. This is a must otherwise she could end up with sores and open wounds and that would be just terrible.

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In the house Dizzy copes without issue, she is great with other dogs and will have a game of chase, her legs may be wonky but like most pugs, Dizzy can do the 100 yard dash in record time when she hears the fridge open or the rustle of any food packet! Dizzy is currently on a very strict diet and it is imperative that this continues in her new home. If we can reduce her weight it will help with her mobility and longer term prognosis. We currently have her on a weight reducing diet, it would be beneficial to her if this were maintained permanently. We will discuss her diet fully with suitable applicants.

Dizzy is fully continent at the moment and is able to take herself out into the garden as and when she wishes, there is one small step which she manages with no problem. As far as exercise goes Dizzy does need wheels for any exercise outside of the garden. These ensure that her spine is kept as aligned as possible and reduces the stress on her joints etc. Dizzy will be re homed with her wheels as they are specifically made for her. She is great with other dogs and does enjoy their company so another similar sized dog would be great, another pug would be even better as she does love her own kind.

Dizzy will need new owners who are around for most of the day, she loves her human company and is happy to curl up on the sofa next to you or by your feet. Because of her spine we would say any children would need to be teenagers, smaller children could accidentally fall on her and cause further damage. Visiting grandchildren would be fine.

There is the possibility that Dizzy’s issue could progress in the future, we have no way of predicting this at all. It may or may never happen – should her issues alter in the future then we will be on hand to help where we can as part of our adoption agreement. At present Dizzy is a great fun, loving dog who would like her forever home. We cannot offer guarantees but we will support new owners should things progress.

Dizzy is currently being fostered in Aldershot Hants, she has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment.

*Update May 2018*

Dizzy has been with us for some time now and is looking for an extra special home happy to cope with her spinal issues. Since being with us Dizzy has lost quite a bit of weight which has helped her mobility massively. In the home (Dizzy must have a home that is mostly laid to carpet as she finds it difficult to stay upright on slippery surfaces. She is clean in the house but does take Incurin daily, this helps her with her bladder control and has worked wonderfully for her. The medication is relatively inexpensive and she will need to say on this for life. Dizzy also has metacam daily to keep her pain free, just because of her gait she can become a bit stiff but this keeps her moving well.

Dizzy now has her wheels and loves going out over the fields, they give her the freedom to be a normal dog who loves life. At night Dizzy sleeps in the kitchen with the other dogs, this is just in case she has an accident although to be honest we cant recall the last time she did. She is not crated as we wouldn’t want her to be uncomfortable if she did toilet overnight. The floor is easily cleaned and she stays clean and dry. Since taking her medication Dizzy is clean and dry at night, she does have the potential in later life to become incontinent should her spine deteriorate.

We accept this is part of Dizzy and hope that someone will not see her problems but what a wonderful loving girl she is and how she deserves a home of her own. She is great with other dogs, takes no notice at all of the cats, she will guard her food so is fed separately to ensure she doesn’t try to steal the other dogs food. It is important her weight remains stable as this will keep her fully mobile for as long as possible.

Dizzy travels great in the car (crated) and is clean and quiet. All in all Dizzy is adorable, funny and loving, she gives so much and makes us smile with her antics. We want Dizzy to have the best as she deserves it.

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