DJ – 4 month old male Labrador Cross

DJ is a Labrador cross of around 4 months old, who we think will be medium sized when fully grown. DJ’s start in life was not a good one, at a very young age he was thrown away like garbage on a dumping ground in Romania. Ali was out feeding her strays when she noticed a little black dot moving around in the distance. As she approached closer to the image it became apparent that he was a tiny puppy, alone and scared and it was so obvious in his short life before he had been the victim of unkind human hands.

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DJ is now in foster in the UK and he is doing exceptionally well in his home environment and with the help and support of his wonderful fosterer he is growing into the lovely young man he was always meant to be. This is what his fosterer has to say. You know the story about the great big elephant that is scared of the tiny little mouse, well this reminds me of DJ. He is a baby in a big body and things are a little bit scary at first ! DJ is 4 months old and was abandoned at a very young age and this had made DJ very nervous and untrusting he clearly had a bad start with humans.

Since being rescued and being in foster DJ has started to shine, he loves to play and going for walks are just the best thing because there is grass lots of green grass for him to roll in and lay on, DJ loves grass! He walks well on the lead but still has a little bark every now and then at things he is not sure about. But once reassured he continues to be his fun self. DJ is learning to be clean in the house but is still a baby so this is ongoing. Did I mention he likes a belly rub ! He gets on well with other dogs and would live happily with an older calm dog, who has time to show DJ life is not scary any more.

DJ would suit a home with older children and someone who has lots of time and patience to continue to work with him, he is an intelligent loving boy who deserves to be given the time and love he lost by being abandoned. DJ will then settle into a fantastic family pet. DJ loves his walks and is already learning to walk off lead. This boy really deserves his chance with a family who will love and help him grow into the perfect dog he truly wants to be.

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