Dolly – 10 year old female Mongrel

Dolly is an adorable 10 year old Hound-based Mongrel who came into Oldies Club care from a Greek sanctuary. She is in an Oldies Club foster home in Sittingbourne, Kent. Dolly’s background: Dolly has been in a dog sanctuary in Greece for the last 18 months. Greek sanctuaries are not like rescues in the UK — in Greece, the animals are kept together in one large compound, and any food is just put on the ground for them to get what they can. The old and the weak have a struggle to survive, and this is why Dolly was chosen to come to the UK as it was getting harder for her to hold her own with the younger dogs. Another charity, Desperate Greekies, brings a group of dogs to the UK twice a year, and Dolly was one of the latest group. Desperate Greekies asked the Oldies Club to take Dolly in because of her age. Dolly has been signed over to the Oldies Club and we are now searching for her forever home.


Gradually settled: Dolly was very tired and upset when she arrived at her foster home and she slept for the first 2 days. It took her about a week to settle. Dolly is clean and tidy indoors, but she will eat any food that is left at her level.

Can be left but likes to be with you: Dolly whines when you first leave her but she has been left for 3 hours, with neighbors saying it was quiet. She likes to be with you all the time, and will follow you around, but she can be left for a short time with no problems. It wouldn’t be fair to leave her for long hours regularly though so Dolly isn’t suitable for full-time workers.

Would like to be the only dog: Dolly would prefer to be an only dog. She has had to learn to survive and so she can be over protective of her food, and beds, growling when dogs come too near. She walks peacefully with other dogs outside however, with no problems at all. She is a dog that mostly keeps herself to herself where animals are concerned, but she loves humans.

Good with cats: Dolly lived with many cats in Greece so is well adjusted to them.

Not used to children: Dolly has met children that have visited her foster home, but she isn’t used to living with them and she prefers a quiet life.

Not keen on walks: Dolly is not keen on walks yet. She doesn’t like the cold and trots quickly around the garden in a coat. She may change in the good weather of course, but she is not a lively dog. When the leads come out, she sometimes stands back and won’t go! She loves warmth and comfort over everything, preferring to just nip out in the garden for a wee. When going for a short walk, her foster carer has to lead her down the garden with encouragement, and Dolly is more excited to get home! Dolly will come when called if pottering about in a safe area, but if she puts her nose down on a trail she stops listening, but she is slow enough to catch anyway! On lead she doesn’t pull at all. Dolly is having two 15 minute walks a day, on soft ground, but she would be happy with just a large garden and limited walks.

Not keen on the car: Dolly doesn’t enjoy being in the car and sometimes shivers and shakes, but she does put up with it quietly and gets in willingly.

Dolly’s favorite pastimes: Dolly loves to sit at your side and be gently stroked. She enjoys a grooming – she has a soft shaggy coat that may need to be trimmed in the summer months. She loves sleeping on a cosy bed for most of the day. She appreciates nice doggy treats and just being in a safe home at last.

Dolly’s dislikes: Dolly has shown fear of the wheel barrow when it’s moving in the garden, and mild fear of passing traffic on roads. She is submissively affectionate – she loves a fuss but always sinks her head down when you approach her for interaction. She has had some hard treatment in her past but she is learning how to trust. Dolly is slightly hard of hearing, and does jump sharply if you wake her up, but she is getting more used to this.

Dolly’s perfect home: The perfect home for Dolly would be with somebody at home most of the time, who maybe lives in a bungalow with a big enough garden for Dolly to potter around in. It would not be a problem if her owner had limited mobility as Dolly has slightly limited mobility in her back end. Dolly just wants to be a loving companion to someone of her own.

Health notes: Dolly is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Dolly had an x-ray on her back end while under anaesthetic for a dental operation, and the x-ray showed she has good hips but she has a small shadow on her lower spine. The vet thinks that she has had this for a long time and it was probably caused by a accident when she was younger. It has affected a nerve in Dolly’s back legs, giving her a slightly staggered gait at the back, but she is not in any pain. Dolly has adapted really well over the years, and she will still have a fast gallop around the garden when it is warm enough, but it causes her to scrape her nails on hard surfaces while walking. The vet’s recommendations are: limited walks on soft surfaces; avoiding stairs; and not letting her jump up (into cars etc.). Dolly has a strong heart and her blood test showed good liver and kidney function. She isn’t on any medication.

Foster carer’s summary of Dolly: “Cute, affectionate, good company. Dolly is a sweet old thing; she has adjusted so well, and she seems so relieved to get a meal each day and a warm comfy bed. I’m sure that, with time, Dolly will come out of herself more and more and show her hidden treasures.”

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