Dora – 15 month old female Whippet Cross

Dora is a 15 month old Whippet mix girl being fostered in Gloucestershire. Lovely Dora, (was Queenie), we think is probably Podenco (which is very similar to a Whippet in temperament) mix she is not that big possibly small Whippet size.

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This lovely girl started her life in Spain she found herself in a kill shelter and was very lucky to be rescued by a group we work with she is most likely a Podenco mix very similar to Whippets in nature. She has been in her forever home but unfortunately has come into our care, Dora can suffered with separation issues not badly she is not destructive and can be safely left in a crate, but she can whine and bark when first left, unfortunately the neighbors complained and along with their other dogs having problems accepting another dog in the house and getting jealous she has been returned to us. She was very loved and there were tears and its such a shame for Dora, she is such a loving little dog, in a lot of ways she is very easy, good with other dogs, good off the lead, she travels well, but she is a very sensitive girl.

Her foster home is leaving her and although a bit whiny she seems fine, what is strange is that she sleeps downstairs at night with no problems at all. She is relaxed in the house too and does not need to be with you everywhere. It may be she will always be a bit like this maybe because of her past, she seems to bond closely with one person and even with other people in the house if that one person is out she can be restless until they return.

Obviously we can discuss this further but we hope with the right home she will eventually get over this and feel more secure. She has a wonderful loving temperament and is very easy to love. She is house trained, good recall, travels well and is good with children and adults alike, she is also very good with other dogs. When I met her today to video her she so wanted me to cuddle her- I had to give the video to her foster mummy so she could get her cuddles, bless her.

When she was originally in our care in foster we found her a very straight forward dog – she was with her foster carers for many weeks, and even had visits to London for the weekend. She was house trained, traveled well in the car, she was walked off the lead, although she is typical Sight Hound and we found she often got easily distracted with smells etc and would take off, but was never gone for long ,and her recall was pretty good- not perfect but pretty good. Below are some of the original videos we took of her.

She is spayed, vaccinated and has a Pet Passport. If you feel you are the right home for our lovely girl please email us for our questionnaire.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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