Duncan – 4 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Hi everyone! Duncan here, although I can’t actually believe I am still here, to be honest. I haven’t been snapped up, even though I’ve been doing my best impression of ‘baby seal eyes’ to people, but it’s not worked its magic yet!! I just wanted to make a special plea for a home (FOR ME!!) and to show you what a fantastic boy I am (modesty has never been an attribute of mine!!)

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Firstly, I am dinky and you know what they say, great things come in small packages. Secondly, I try so hard to please and I do the best Staffordshire Bull Terrier kisses. I can take all your make up off in one big, fat lick!! Thirdly, and this is where Gemma, my lovely kennel slave, I mean lady, comes in. I am really good at jogging!! I didn’t even know that until Gemma took me out the other day and I LOVED IT!! We went 5 miles, I could easily have run more, but, you know, I thought it best to stop for Gemma’s sake, I didn’t want to tire her out (only joking Gem!). She jogged along beside me and was so well behaved, it was a real pleasure to take her out. (Oh, hang on a minute, I’ve got that the wrong way ’round, that’s what she said about ME!)

So if you want a smallish dog, who is very loving and affectionate and who loves his exercise and will help you keep fit THEN I AM YOUR BOY!!! We don’t have to run everywhere of course, but if you like to jog, I can be your real live pacemaker. If you like to walk lots, I can do that too. I prefer the countryside or the beach, of course as us dogs aren’t much for towns and buildings, they are so boring!

Please, can you help me be happy every day? I don’t want to waste my life alone in kennels cos it’s really depressing for me and you don’t want that to happen, do you? Surely you can’t deny Duncan his new forever home, can you? Duncan will need human company for a lot of the day please, every day. he will want, and need, a couple of good walks a day, in the countryside or at the beach. He will enjoy playing and being in the garden with you, which will need to be securely enclosed for a dog, please.  Duncan has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He can be rehomed outside of the county, within reason, subject to a successful homecheck. Duncan will prefer to live in a semi-rural or rural home please, as he isn’t much of a towney!

Duncan will want you all to himself at home please, children could be aged 12+, sorry, no cats! Duncan is a gorgeous boy who will hopefully appeal to all Staffordshire Bull Terrier lovers out there, and we look forward to hearing from you…and so does Duncan!!

West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre
For further details regarding adopting a dog from West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre, please contact direct on -receptionrspcanorfolkwest@gmail.com or telephone 01553 618889.
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