Ella – 10 month old female Dalmatian Cross

Beautiful Dalmatian cross puppy girl, all white with black splodges! Standing at 50 cm (19 inches) tall and weighing 20 kg (44 lbs). Ella is an active, playful, sociable, affectionate girl. Ella is a great puppy desperate for love. She loves being with people, she’s super affectionate. She’s very active and playful. She is sociable, playful and curious to be around dogs, but she is better suited to be the only animal in her home. 

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Ella was found wandering in the streets in Spain, no microchip and nobody claimed her. She needs the same work as any puppy: socialization, lead work, obedience. She needs a home with people who can work with her and show her that life is fun not frightening. Current Location is in a foster home in Solihull, West Midlands.

Foster Report: Gorgeous Ella has been with us for a little while now and is settling in nicely. She was weary and easily scared the first 3 days, which is normal as she is just a young dog. Because of this we are exposing her lovingly to sounds, especially when walking on pavement regarding cars, bus, beeping of horns etc. She is easy to walk on the lead, occasionally pulls but we’re working on this as we speak.

She listens very well to ‘wait’ before crossing the road and waits for the word ‘go’ before she crosses the road. She had no road awareness when she joined our family. We’re very impressed with her off the lead, her recall is amazing and one of the best compared to all the dogs we’ve had and she is only 11 months! She is absolutely fine with other dogs, occasionally a little forward but that’s the puppy in her. It’s all common sense and as her foster family we want it to be enjoyable to walk her, she’s a happy dog.

Ella loves attention and cuddles (who doesn’t). She loves people’s company, only the first days, when we she was settling in, was she weary of men, not any more now she’s more confident. She’s easy as the only dog in the household and shows no issue like jealousy or aggression, whatsoever. She eats fast but not any faster than most dogs we fostered before. She does not sleep in our bedroom (our rules) and while with us she sleeps in our utility room with a dog bed, a bowl of water and some bones to chew on and toys. Initially she barks but after some words she is settling in nicely and sleeps through the night and so far we have had no issues during the night, nor accidents, we are very proud of her. To entertain her we give her rice bones and she totally loves them. So any bones that takes time for her to chew; you can’t make her any happier. She is very bright and a fast learner, like a toddler she needs clear boundaries and she so wants to please.

Like any young dog Ella needs that little loving guidance and we are convinced she will make anyone a wonderful family dog as the only dog in the family. Vaccinated, wormed, flea treated
Spayed, Microchipped, Pet Passport, 4 weeks free Pet Insurance, Any known health issues NONE KNOWN.

Adoption Fee: £285

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

Dogwatchuk West Midlands

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