Emma – 6 year old female Collie Cross

Emma is a 6 year old female Collie Cross. Life in Romania has been a difficult experience. -40 temperatures, with blizzards of snow, and no bed or heating. It’s unbearable to comprehend, but all too common for the dogs overseas. Will it ever stop, will these dogs ever be free from this ever growing world of suffering? That, I cannot answer. All we can do is to raise the awareness, and help what we can. Perhaps we cannot save every dog, but we can make that effort to save one. We cannot change the world without great efforts combined, but we can change the world for at least one of these dogs. Emma is a very kind soul who would mist suit a couple, retired or not. Simply looking to provide that attention and security to a special soul like her.

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Simply by reading this post, you are already aware that there are dogs across the world in desperate need of our love, time and support. If there is anything to be proud of, it is that you have taken the first step to expanding your awareness.

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For further details regarding adopting a dog from Walkerscreek Rescue in Cambridgeshire, please contact Lee or Claire by emailing help@walkerscreekrescue.co.uk or telephoning 0785 323 5843. We re-home dogs anywhere in the U.K. This means that you can apply if you have a U.K postal code. All dogs are re-homed subject to a successful home-check, terms and a rehoming fee.
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