Faith and Hope – 6 month old female Collies

Faith and Hope are Collie pup females of 6 months of age in foster in south Lincolnshire. These two beautiful girls were living in a shelter in Romania before coming to the UK to find a loving forever home. The shelter in Romania was a far cry for the definition of a shelter in the UK, they lived with 15 to 20 other young dogs in a kennel, cleaned out only 3 times a week and fed only three times a week. They were lucky and survived and were helped by some wonderful people in Romania and travelled to us in the UK.

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Faith and Hope are super friendly girls, their tails are always wagging and they have gentle natures and are normal inquisitive, playful pups. They love going for walks and are walked are a long line, they are not used to busy street area’s.

Faith is more timid than Hope but even in the short time she has been with her foster mum she has grown in confidence, she is the brighter of the pair and quick to learn. She like her sister loves a cuddle and walks around permanently wagging her tail, she gets on with other dogs and cats. Hope is more confident than Faith, she like her sister is always wagging her tail and is friendly and loves a fuss, she is good with other dogs and cats.

These two girls are super natured and get on very well, we would love to find them a home together if possible. They love playing and will try to instigate play with other dogs. Both girls have met cats and showed little or no interest. They have been clean while in foster and travel well.

Saving Romanian Strays

Saving Romanian Strays

For further details about adopting a dog from Saving Romanian Strays, based in Glasgow, Scotland, please email Please note this rescue performs home checks and offers post-adoption support. All dogs rehomed are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered.
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