Felix – 1 year old male Cross-Breed

Let me introduce you to beautiful Felix, a 1 year old male Crossbreed. Felix is sharing his kennel with other poochies and they all perfectly get along. Felix is a little bit nervous from all the new surroundings, he had a good walk over the weekend and considering that it all was new to him, Felix did well on his walk and made me proud. Felix doesn`t mind to be stroked and once he was back in his safe kennel there was plenty of cuddles and fuss. I`m sure Felix will gain more confidence in no time and make a lovely companion, Felix would love to live with another canine companion so he can learn more about doggy life.

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Volunteer update: Oh sweet, sweet Felix! He is coming out of his shell beautifully and is more confident being out and about, Felix does feel much better when his best friend Sophie is around and he is gaining extra confidence when they`re together, in the perfect world I would absolutely love to see Felix and Sophie going home together but unfortunately I know that it`s not likely to happen. I`ll keep my fingers and toes crossed! I walked Felix with the harness and he doesn`t mind to be touched all over and of course there`s nothing better that a yummy sausage to munch on, he even did a little dance on his back legs just to get a treat, it looked quite comical and made me laugh out load. Felix would make a super companion for the special person who would give him a little time to gain more confidence, he is a super sweet boy who loves cuddles and a little scratch behind his ear. Felix is a brilliant pooch who will blossom in the home!

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