Fen – 1 year old female German Shepherd Dog

Fen is a 2 year old small German Shepherd bitch who requires her PERFECT home. Fen will not be going anywhere that is not right for her. Fen joined us here at Greyhound Gap in January 2017 after we were asked by another rescue if we could assist with a young German Shepherd Dog who urgently needed to find a more suitable home. Sadly Fen’s owners health was declining and with 2 young children Fen was not getting her needs met. She had not been walked on lead, nor off lead, had not had the chance to meet new people and had not been socialised with dogs only the one she lived with a 3 year old female collie. We agreed immediately to help and bought Fen to the kennels and into the house where she currently resides with the rescues founder and staff. We had hoped that Fen would happily integrate with our pack and had that been possible Fen would have become a permanent member of our family. Sadly although Fen is happy here and cherished she is NOT good with other dogs nor comfortable around them and does not make good choices. We feel no matter how happy Fen is that a home as an only dog with a suitably experienced family who understand her needs would be a much better life for her.

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Fen was originally purchased from a farm and is very clearly working line shepherd. She is intelligent has a huge working and prey drive so needs people with the ability and experience to focus her. In the home she is the most biddable girl and just adores her family. One on one or with my own male shepherd she is perfect, even still at times she pushes her luck with him but he handles her beautifully. With other animals and dogs Fen can NOT be trusted. She has a nervous edge and due to her start early in life she does not react well to interaction from others. She may be extremely polite on the first meeting of another dog but the second she works out their strengths and weaknesses she will act accordingly. She has actually proved on more than one occasion even with my own dogs other than my male shepherd she can not be safely mixed. Out and about on on lead walks Fen is calms and focused on her owner, she can happily pass other dogs and observe them both at closer quarters and from a distance but can not be trusted to safely socialise. She is not a dog that necessarily craves the company of other dogs being very much a people dog not a dog dog but we feel any home would need to be willing to attend closes to continue to safely introduce her in a controlled environment to the stimulus other dogs create for her. Fen is a strong willed girl who we feel needs a GSD experienced home either with an older calmer male shepherd who will not challenge her in anyway or as an only dog.

Fen wants to learn, she wants to please and she needs a job. Agility or obedience based homes would be excellent for her, however there would be a lot of work before she was safely focussed enough to be able to work in a class environment, her learning skills are excellent unless she is trained onto something then distracting her because very hard. Her loyalty to her humans though is second to none. She is a typically female shepherd in that her family is everything to her. With strangers now Fen has massively improved, she is getting plenty of stimulation here at the kennels and meets new people everyday. She is still a little shy at first but soon warms up and loves fuss and attention. Fen is now in the main lead trained but still needs a little more work, she is perfect when out on her own but again when out with my male shepherd does tend to pull a little. Fen would love a home where she would become the centre of a family unit where she gets to take part in the general routine and day to day activities.

Fen is house trained, crate trained and is happy to spend a few hours in a room on her own now if necessary during the day. We had to crate train her because there isn’t a door in the world that she can not open if she turns her mind to it. Off lead without distractions Fen is a dream, she is also extremely food motivated. However this would need to be a safe area where other animals and dogs were not likely to suddenly appear.

Fen has been good with all the children she has met thus far but we do feel a family with older children 6 plus who are use to GSDs or larger breed dogs would be best placed. Fen is most definitely NOT cat or small furry safe and caution needs to be taken around livestock as she is also very interested in sheep. Fen travels like a dream. All in all now she is learning to be the most wonderful dog and needs to find a suitable home now to take her on the rest of that journey in an environment she can *relax* with them just simply accepting that she is not good with other dogs and understanding that her journey on that road may not progress any further.

Fen is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, spayed and microchipped. For more information or to offer Fen a home please use the pre adoption questionnaire below. Fen is currently located in Stoke on Trent and can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful homevisit being carried out and all members of the immediate family being willing to travel to meet with her

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