Fergus – 4 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

Fergus is a 4 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer. What can we say about this dog, well a picture speaks a thousand words and in this case, they really do. As you go through his album, you can see the journey this beautiful German Short Haired Pointer has been on. Fergus is about 4 years old, maybe a little younger, he has been a working dogs all his life and has been used as a hunting dog. We don’t know why he ended up in a cruel public shelter, but we do know it is not unusual for this breed to be thrown out on the streets to die, in their hundreds each year, by hunters in the Balkans.

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Fergus does not know how to play, he is not interested in other dogs, he is a bit of a loner, he does love humans, funny, considering he has been so badly treated. He has a high prey drive, he cannot live with cats, very small dogs or furries like rabbits etc. He would be better with a female dog, he can be reactive with dominant males. We think he is super gorgeous and could win shows for his breed, but we are biased of course :):)

Fergus needs a very special home, a very experienced home used to working with hunting dogs and we think he would be happiest if he had a job to do too. That said, we really want him to have a 5* loving, safe forever home, where he will never suffer again. he needs strong leadership. He will need some refresher training as he has been in a public shelter for a long time, before we took him out, to safety. He has been living in a foster home and they really love him, he is obedient with them and enjoys a cuddle. Please don’t offer for him, if you have no experience of working dogs.

If you do have this experience and you think this boy deserves a home and can work with him, please please do message us.

SOS Balkan Dogs

SOS Balkan Dogs

For further details about adopting a dog from SOS Balkan Dogs, please email: sosbalkan.serbiapointerrescue@gmail.com - and someone will come back to you asap. SOS Balkan Rescue rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the Balkans, mainly Romania and Serbia. Working with very experienced rescuers, who have many years of working with hurt or abused or abandoned cats and dogs and street dogs. All dogs rehomed via this rescue are fully health checked, vaccinated and adhere to Defra rules and have full rescue back up.
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