Finn – 4 year old male Spaniel cross Collie

Finn is a 4 year old, medium sized, male, Spaniel Collie mix. Finn currently lives with his foster mum in the Cambridge area. He is absolutely great with the other six dogs in our house, especially the puppy who he plays wonderfully with. He loves the company of other dogs, so would do well going to a home with another dog. Finn has made a very good start considering he was born in a shelter and has not known life in a home. He is totally housetrained and not had one accident! He is a good boy who likes the security of his crate, but is just as happy out of it ( as long as he has a nice comfy bed).

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Finn is playful and loves to run after a ball or other toy. He loves being in the garden and especially loves the feel of soft grass. He can be a little shy to start with, but once he has got to know you, he is incredibly affectionate and loves a fuss. Finn is around four years old and would be perfect as a companion dog. He is medium size dog. He has the most beautiful face ever.

As Finn is a gentle, quiet little dog, he would probably prefer a quiet home. He is very responsive and bright ( the collie in him). Once he gets to know and trust you, Finn will shower you with love and be a wonderful pet. He clearly missed his old friends at first, that he had grown up with at the shelter, but now he has made a new set of friends, he is as happy as can be.

Charity policy is not to rehome dogs into homes with children under 14 years old.

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Paws2Rescue, please email - Paws2Rescue performs home checks and offers post adoption support. Charity policy is not to rehome any dogs with children under 10 years old. Paws2Rescue is a Surrey based charity that was set up to help the street dogs of Romania. We help a lucky few to find loving homes in the UK and Europe; so far we have re-homed over 500 dogs. We help trusted rescuers in Romania to whom we send desperately needed food, bedding and medical supplies. We are a thriving small charity and with your help we can continue our work. We are fully aware that there are many UK dogs needing help; however the level of cruelty in Romania is so high that we cannot turn away. We have personally witnessed many barbaric acts and are committed to the fight to help these dogs.
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