Flash – 7 year old male Greyhound

Flash is a seven year old Greyhound. He is our longest stayer, and our oldest Hound, having been with us since August 2016. Flash really does deserve a loving home of his own. Flash is currently in foster with two female hounds and two cats, and there are also chickens at the home. His fosterers are sensible and keep a close eye on him with the cats, he is still interested in quick movement so he is never left alone with the cats, but he has done very well thus far with feline company in his home. Flash loved to play ball and with toys at kennels, he would play for ages outside with toys and loved nothing more than to take toys back and store them in his kennel and his fosterers say he still loves to chase a ball when he’s out. He has improved significantly with smaller breeds of dog and fluffy dogs over time.

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When Flash arrived, he was probably the most reactive and keenest Hound when he saw other breeds of dog. After some time in kennels adjusting to life as a pet dog not a racing dog, and going out on walks and seeing other breeds regularly, he is a much more calm and socialised chap. His fosterers have worked carefully and patiently with him and he spends a lot of time off lead now having learnt the idea of recall in open space, it does tend to help if he has his football to play with too!

Flash can live with another female or females or, as an only dog. If he is getting enough attention as an only dog, he would be happy. He could live with a male Hound, but he certainly prefers a female, we always paired him up with a female at kennels when he was walking or playing out and he is happier with the girls. Flash is still with us as he has corns, so many have enquired about him, loved the look of a handsome blue boy but are put off as he has corns, he has them removed periodically and we are continually trying other treatment for his corns.

Costs for corn removal when Flash is homed can be covered by the charity if need be. He is happier to walk on softer ground as are most dogs with corns. The corns don’t prevent him from running and playing and chasing a squirrel or two if he sees them! so please consider giving the little chap a chance of a forever home. Flash is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flead and wormed, he can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.

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