Flash and Angel – 10 year old male and female Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Flash and Angel are a gorgeous pair of 10 year old Staffies who are in an Oldies Club foster home in Flitwick, Bedfordshire waiting for someone to offer them a permanent home together. These beautiful dogs are very close and so we want them to stay together. They took 2-3 weeks to settle at their foster home and they look to one another for comfort. They love all people, especially children, but would like to be the only animals in their new home. Angel is the clever one, but Flash is adorable despite being a little dim! They only need a couple of 15 minute on-lead walks each day. They are fine to be left on their own, and they’re good in the car too. They’d be best in a household that won’t be too fazed by housetraining accidents, as they aren’t always clean overnight. But they are gorgeous!

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Flash seems to be OK with other dogs, but Angel can be a bit hit and miss with other dogs. They need to be the only dogs in their new home. They both think cats are for chasing! They are both great with children. Flash is very friendly and Angel is a very soppy girl with lots of love to give. There is an 8 year old child in their foster home and they have been great with younger children too. Their previous owner told us that they have lived with babies. Flash loves being with people and being stroked. He likes to sniff around the garden and may even play ball – he will chase the ball, but the bringing back bit has got him foxed! He is quite playful at times. Angel loves cuddles, going out for walks and sleeping. She likes licking and playing with Flash. Flash occasionally looks worried – he doesn’t like to be told off and can be a bit scared of noises when out on a walk. Angel doesn’t seem to be frightened of anything.

Flash and Angel’s ideal home: They are loving, affectionate dogs so need a home with plenty of love on offer. Although they are fine to be left on their own, Flash needs to go out regularly, and Angel loves to be with you and will follow you around for reassurance, so a home where there is usually someone home would be the ideal. Because of his leg, Flash needs a home with few or no steps. Flash and Angel are both neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and they have been wormed and flea treated. Flash had major orthopaedic surgery on a cruciate ligament, which he has recovered well from. Recent x-rays show that the surgery was a success (the vet did mention that his patella isn’t in the correct place, but this looks like it has always been the case). Flash’s exercise has been built up to strengthen his muscles, and hydrotherapy would also help this. Flash sometimes holds his head on one side, and Angel licks his ear a lot, but the vet has looked at it and said that he may have had an ear infection once but there is no sign of one now.

Angel had surgery when she arrived to remove lots of mammary tumours and she has now been cleared by the vet. Angel seems to be partially deaf.

The Oldies Club
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