Flossy – 7 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I truly give up on trying to understand people who on this planet has abandoned dear Flossy! What cowards they must be, to throw a dog out in temperatures of -10 degrees, it’s just too horrifying to think about it! She clearly has not had the best life and let’s face it, anyone who could do that to her isn’t going to be full of heart are they!! Flossy, who is around 7 years old, is a total heart- breaker! She has to be one of the most loving dogs ever and she was desperate to get on Junko’s lap, even if she was a tad too big, it was irrelevant to her, bless her heart. She is a real cuddle-bum and was loving going between us, getting kissed and cuddled, it was wonderful for us all. She cannot get close enough to you and just wants to keep kissing you and adoring you! I absolutely love her and cannot wait to find her a wonderful, loving home.


Flossy urgently needs a permanent, or foster, home please. She should not be in kennels, she should be curled up on a sofa, snoring. She will enjoy a nice walk or two every day. She will need an enclosed, secure garden for pottering about in (and sunbathing) in the nicer weather and good, human company for at least half the day please. Flossy deserves all the attention she can get.

Flossy can be rehomed with children aged 10+ and possibly another placid dog like herself. If you think you have the perfect home for Flossy, where she can be with you, love you and everyone she meets and if you can make her happy, please, please, please get in touch asap.

West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre

West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre

For further details regarding adopting a dog from West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre, please make initial enquiries to Jo Hayes at jo@westnorfolkrspca.org.uk For more details about the rescue or any of their dogs please visit www.westnorfolkrspca.org.uk
West Norfolk RSPCA Re-homing Centre
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