Freddy – 11 month old male Cross-Breed

This is our gorgeous boy Freddy. Freddy is a very kind and gentle 11 month old male Cross Breed dog. He is of medium size (Collie / Labrador size), but is a slim build. He has a lovely shaggy, soft coat which makes him look like a teddy bear and it has a beautiful apricot tinge to it. Freddy has an amazing nature and character. He loves to play with other dogs and with his toys and to run after a ball or stick. He loves his walks and is off lead and has a good re-call, staying close by even if he sees another dog in the distance. He likes to be with you and responds well to his name and absolutely loves a fuss made of him when he comes back.

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Freddy is still a young dog though and could always benefit from more on going training and it would be a real pleasure to do this with him as he really wants to please you. He is a soft and gentle soul both inside the home and outside. Freddy was a little shy and hesitant of his surroundings when he first came into foster, but literally in a matter of a day or too, he has lost all his inhibitions and is growing in confidence all the time. Now and again he just needs reassurance, but when he knows he will get a fuss, or a biscuit, he forgets himself and is all over you.

Freddy is a very sociable dog with other dogs and people. He could easily be homed with another suitable doggy companion who would like to play with him, and he could be homed with older respectable dog savvy children/grandchildren age 10+ years. Freddy is a very fun loving and friendly dog who is just wanting a happy and loving home where he can have a nice warm bed to snuggle up in, nice walks every day, some stimulation and lots of love. He is still a young dog so would need someone at home for some of the day and not to be left for more than 4 hours.

Freddy is really hoping that he can find his loving forever home very, very soon, before Christmas so he really is settled and can start his new year in his new home and see 2017 as a very special start to his new life. Freddy is is foster in Roydon, Essex.

We are looking to home him in or around this area, or not too far away as a home check will be done. However, for the right home it may be possible a bit further afield.

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Lea Valley Dog Rescue

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