Freddy – 18 month old male English Cocker Spaniel

Freddy is a 18 month old male English Cocker Spaniel. Freddy was relinquished for resource guarding. There has been no evidence of this in the foster home. He will steal items but will give then up readily in exchange for a treat. He also counter surfs so we are working on the “off” command. Freddy is a very high energy dog that has been given no boundaries we are therefore focussing on creating the calm and slowing his brain. He may have experienced negative reinforcement at some stage in his young life, it is therefore crucial that he only experiences positive reinforcement now, firm, fair and kind is the way forward with Freddy. It is our job to teach them, guide them, lead them to a balanced life.Freddy can be destructive when in an excited state of mind or when bored. There is also evidence of some vocal separation anxiety, again we are working on this but any new owner must be prepared to continue to modify this behaviour in a calm manner. He still displays puppy like tendencies and would mouth when he first came into foster. We are teaching “no teeth” and he responds well to this.

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Ideally Freddy would have a job to do in any new home, if not he will need a very active home that can provide both the mental and physical stimulation that he requires. Freddy is not a dog that would be content to sit by the fire after a 45 minute walk twice a day. When training, he learns quickly so a training minded home would be perfect. He is food motivated but works equally well for a ball. Do not leave him unattended with a tennis ball as he will destroy it. He would possibly make a good agility dog, I would not be inclined to use him for flyball.Freddy is high drive around feather, wanting to chase birds. This could get him into trouble off lead if not addressed. He will not suit living in a kennel.

Freddy is in foster with 4 other dogs. He will hump other dogs but is submissive when they tell him off, this humping behaviour will hopefully reduce now that he has been neutered, although there is no guarantee of this. The off command is used to guide him. Freddy would benefit from living with a calm companion dog that can show Freddy that life is good. Freddy is happy to eat just about anything and is an opportunist, due to his lack of boundaries. In the foster home, he is fed either a quality grain free high meat kibble (Akela) or raw, which he absolutely loves. His stools have also firmed up on a quality diet. Freddy is in good body condition weighing in at 13.9kg. He is neutered, chipped, has just re-started his vaccinations and is up to date with flea and worm treatments. He travels well in a car.

Freddy is a very loving dog and wants to greet everyone. He soon learns to trust you if you treat him with respect. With the right, experienced and calm home that is prepared to commit to training he will make a cracking dog. He is not for a 1st time owner. Adoption subject to meet and greet, homecheck and adoption donation of £250. Applications via forms section of website please

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