George – 6 year old male Yorkshire Terrier

George is a 6 year old male Yorkshire Terrier. George must be one of the most neglected broken dog we have taken into our care for a long time and that includes some of the terrible cases from Spain. George came into our care when we were contacted by a plea on the internet about a neglected Yorkie in Oxford a neighbour had seen a dog in terrible condition from her bedroom window and reported to the RSPCA a more local rescue had attended the property but nobody could get near George, mattered and fearful he would not let anyone near him not even the owners.

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George has been in our care 3 weeks leaving with 3 dogs and two cats, now he came from the most abused back ground and his story (showing two weeks worth of progress) is below. It’s quite long but so worth it to see his progress and understand him.

Since the above video and original write up was shared, there have been changes. People who have been following his story know we could not get anywhere near him when he first came into our care his fear was so bad he would have bitten please see the amazing video of his story below its a long story but if you are serious about the homing of George you need to read carefully. There are lots of videos on there.

Since that update, we have taken in another little dog into our care called Milly who he has formed a very close friendship with so after saying he should be an only dog we think he would live fine with another little dog. His confidence has grown and he is much more relaxed around the house, he makes a big fuss of us when we come home and will give you lots of kisses, so different to that first boy who arrived.

Here he is with new best friend Milly:

George is currently in a family home with an experienced foster carer with two teenagers, two cats and two dogs.

Stroking wise he is not comfortable with this yet not sure if it’s to do with his skin still being sore or he is just fearful to where it will lead so we let George be George and he does it at his pace but we have had two incidents where he thought he was going to be hit and he has bitten.

We understand why he has bitten one was when I was cutting chicken up and he growled at the cat to keep away and I told him no I waved my hand at him and he went for my feet, the other we wanted him out the bedroom and he thought he was going to be kicked and he attacked our foot, it is fear as if you raise your voice he will run out the room but he has learnt to protect himself that is why the owners could not even get near him to brush him and he learnt to keep them away with his teeth we have to tell people these incidents because it will put most people off and we understand why, we understand why George is like this.

He is not nasty and believe he will and is moving on so much but he really needs an understanding home who will give him the space to learn to trust again and not over whelm him with too much too soon it has to be someone who has had a similar natured dog hopefully a Terrier. We cannot get it wrong with this dog homing wise otherwise he could end up being put down and he does not deserve that.

If you are still reading this a little video below of him with my son who he loves.

George has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped and received worming and flea treatment by our vet, where he was also clipped and has plaque removed from his teeth. He is in good health which is a miracle.

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