Geovanni – 10 year old male Yorkshire Terrier

A big title for a little dog! Geovanni (Geo for short) is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier who is in an Oldies Club foster home in Lincoln, Lincolnshire waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home. Although Geo loves to be around his humans, he can be left on his own for a few hours while you pop to the shops etc. He wouldn’t be happy living in a full-time working household though. Geo loves to have all the attention so would be best as your only dog. He does get on with most dogs when out, but he doesn’t like it if they are overbearing and in his face. He was brilliant with all the dogs he met when he helped out at an Oldies Club street collection recently, and he also has a small female friend that he really likes. Outside, he seems to ignore other animals (except dogs), but we are unsure if he would live with a cat.

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Geo is an excitable little chap, and his excitement would probably be exacerbated by lively children, so he would be best with older, sensible children only. Geo loves his walks and will bark as you’re getting ready to take him. He is mostly very good on the lead, although he can be quite stubborn if he wants to go the other way. Geo’s favourite pastimes are walkies, snuggling (he likes you to make a circle with your knees so that he can snuggle in the middle of it like a nest). Chews and treats. Barking (he is getting much better at not doing this!). Geo really loves toys, but certain ones do send him into a frenzy so you have to be careful which ones. Oh and he loves socks! And finally, he likes investigating cupboards.

Geo is actually quite a sensitive soul and he finds new situations quite worrying (although he doesn’t like you to know that) so he needs introducing gently to new things. And he doesn’t like rain! Geo is a stubborn, temperamental, wilful, feisty, lovable, cheeky yorkie who, although clearly loved for the first 10 years of his life, seems to have been allowed to get away with rather too much. He is getting much better though, and he now even eats dog food as well as ham off a plate, thank you very much! However, he does need a home with people who are experienced with Terriers (preferably yorkies) as he still has a tendency to be a hooligan and rather naughty.

Geo is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has been wormed and flea treated. He has slight arthritic changes in his elbows and neck. He did have a limp when he first arrived in foster but this seems to have cleared up. The specialist said that he may respond better to steroids rather than regular painkillers if he starts limping in the future. For now he just needs a joint supplement such as Yumove though.

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