Goldie – 7 year old male Golden Retriever Cross

Please meet Goldie, a 7 year old Golden Retriever cross. Goldie is a fairly small dog, stocky and shorter in height than a spaniel. Goldie is adored by all that meet him! Goldie’s past-Goldie was rescued by a kind lady in Romania who found him abandoned near the forest 15 km from town; she stopped to give him some food, as she does with lots of the stray dogs, he put his head in her hands and she knew she had to take him. It is highly likely Goldie was previously somebody’s pet; he was found to be neutered, microchipped, toilet trained and very well mannered! Goldie stayed with his rescuer and lots of other dogs for just under 2 months before he was offered a foster place in the UK. In his rescuers care in Romania Goldie was found to be a true gentleman straight away, even managing to charm the one dog that didn’t get on with any other dogs! His rescuer adored him and knew he could make a wonderful addition to the right family.


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Goldie’s present-Goldie has been in foster care in the UK for a month, enjoying all the things a family dog should; love, treats, strokes, food, walks and more strokes! Goldie is a very bright dog; he knew where the door, water and food were straight away! Goldie waits nicely by the door to be let out and figured out the dog flap immediately! As described by his rescuer Goldie is a very special soul he adores love, fuss and attention, he is very calm and gentle. Goldie travels well in the car and walks well on the lead. Goldie loves a good steady walk; he loves to sniff about and particularly enjoys walks in woodland areas and sometimes needs to stop to catch his breath. Goldie is great at meeting new dogs out and about. He can sometimes be a little stubborn about coming back in, but positive reinforcement works wonders; Goldie responds well to treats and lots of praise! Goldie wasn’t keen on his first ever bath (can’t really blame him!) but is getting better each time. He love, love, loves being brushed! and is well behaved at the groomers.

Goldie has been UK vet checked with no concerns, the vet reported him to be in good shape, a good weight and of a lovely disposition. He has a few small teeth missing at the front and some broken teeth, but this does not in any way interfere with him or cause him pain. The vet said these to not need to be removed at present, and it is no more likely in the future than with any other dog. Goldie’s future- Goldie is clam and quiet so would prefer a home similar to him! He would love to be with an older relaxed family, a couple or a home with older children. Goldie has spent time with younger children (and loved being stroked!), but due to his nature the quiet and steady pace in life is a must for him! Goldie would not like to be pulled about. Goldie would be best suited to a home where someone is around most of the time as he adores company and will really enjoy all the love you can give him!

Goldie would like to be the only dog in the home with no cats. Goldie likes to play with toys on occasion, but doesn’t go crazy with them and loves a good chew on a bone! Goldie would need a secure garden with high fences (as is expected with any dog) as even though he is little he can jump up, and used other things as a ‘step up’ in the first week and a half of him living with his foster carers. Goldie no longer does this, but perhaps might try this in his very early days with a family till he feels safe and secure.

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