Gracie – 10 month old female Husky

Gracie is a young husky, about 10 months old. She was handed into our rescue by our local dog warden having served her time in the pound, after being found tied to a lamp post. She is a typical husky, very playful, high energy and always up to mischief. She gets on great with all of our own dogs, large and small and with Moriarty who is the 8 week old puppy we’re fostering. She’s met my cats and whilst she didn’t eat them I wouldn’t trust her with them. She has a very high prey drive and can open most doors and climb out of most fences. She is just a wonderful dog who is so loving and intelligent.


Some husky rescues will tell you never to let them off lead but we’ve found with our own huskies that they run well off lead with our pack of dogs, but we’d make sure that there was no livestock nearby and Gracie has always been easy to catch when she’s got out into the field (via the door or over the fence) as she is very driven by food. Please only apply for Gracie if you really have read up on the breed and are prepared to put some work into her. The last thing she needs is someone else to let her down. The photo was taken when she first came in 2 months ago, she is now up to weight and has a great coat on her.

Dogsfriends Weston-Super-Mare Bristol
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