Gracie – 10-12 week old female Greyhound

Gracie is a 10-12 week old female Greyhound/Spanish Galgos. This special girl had someone looking down on her and when you read her story you will know why. In Spain we often take dogs from a local Perrera (Pound), we get funding to help dogs that would maybe never have made it without our help. It’s heartbreaking as we can only help a couple and sometimes it’s very difficult this particular day we visited. We had seen a little adult dog that was such a sweetie but I happened to look in a kennel that looked empty and round the corner were a litter of Galgo puppies terrified so much so they laid with their with their mouths open in terror. We often do not help the babies as the risk of infection and parvo is so prevalent in the pounds but as we have done before I happened to pick Gracie up terrified, she still snuggled into my neck and there was no way I could leave her. I then picked one of her brothers up so they would be company for each other at my house and brought them out, it was pretty obvious early on that day something was wrong.

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Gracie was fine eating and happy and soon had come round, her brother who was a bag of bones was very withdrawn and had not eaten much, the next morning the telltale signs of blood and sickness they were both rushed off to the vets, Gracie was still showing no signs but both tested positive for parvo and were put on drips I think her brother being so ill so quickly saved her life as later on that day the parvo kicked in with her but she was by that time receiving the life-saving treatment so responded quickly, unfortunately her brother who we named Lewis went rainbow bridge along with another little girl we named Nellie. Heart breaking. We want to thank our supporters who help us pay the massive bill we were left with.

Gracie was discharged a few days later and has been in the care of our friend we call Aunty Sherlie she has encourage her to eat in those early days blending her food with chicken, rice and veg and soon Gracie responded and went from strength to strength she put 2 kilos on in two weeks. Gracie has now started her vaccinations to get her ready to travel to UK and protect her, as soon as we think she is strong enough we will book her space.

Gracie is a lovely dog, a real sweetheart and will be looking for the best of homes, she is mixing well now with other dogs and has mixed with cats, she has gone to another foster home now as Sherlie is coming back to UK and is living in the house with another Galgo at Diane’s who we are so grateful for opening her house to and saving Gracie the trauma of kennels. She has had interest already but want people to know her story and all the people who have helped her get where she is today, our supporters, Sherlie and Diane – she needs to go to a home who have had Sighthounds and with other dogs or dogs. She will not be old enough to be spayed and this will have to be done once she has finished growing and is old enough.

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