Greta – 19 month old female Cross-Breed

Greta is a 19 month old mixed bred girl, who is looking for a very special home. She was rescued as an emergency from a pound in Spain where no veterinary attention is given. She was thought to have a broken pelvis. Thankfully, this was not the case, but she does have a gait abnormality. Basically she sometimes walks a little drunk with her back legs! She has been in foster care for 9 months in the UK and with good diet and proper care, this has improved dramatically. Her condition has been thoroughly investigated and it is neurological. It is not expected that she will deteriorate and in fact she may improve further.

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The reality of rescue is that not all dogs can be saved and, had it not been for the suspected damage to her pelvis, and the potential for constant pain, Greta would probably have been permanently overlooked. From her original behavior we think she was a street dog, she is not feral but she was extremely wary of people and had never been in a house. However, Greta has lived in a house with other dogs in foster care and she gets along with all of them. Greta could probably learn to live with a cat because she has shown no aggression whatsoever, either to animals or people. Greta has made massive progress but she is a funny little thing because although she can now be stroked and petted while holding her collar, she will move away if you let go, only to return with tail wagging, keeping a “safe” distance. She clearly enjoys company and attention when she can allow herself to accept it. Greta is one of several dogs in foster care in her present home and in a home where she will get more one to one attention it will be remarkably easy to gain her trust. She has never been wild, she is just a little shy and not everyone has the patience or interest in a dog that is not 100% “ready made”. This, coupled with her funny little walk is why we are looking for a very special home. Greta is an exceptional girl with a unique story.

Despite her gait abnormality Greta enjoys and needs exercise and walks nicely on the lead but she does not need a lot of walking. With a secure garden for play and access to the outdoors she will be perfectly content. Greta likes her treats and is a good eater. She is house trained and is not noisy, in fact she has a very soft and quirky little bark! Greta is not destructive and can be left for a few hours during the day without any problems. Because she has been a street dog, surviving off her wits with the other pups from her litter, she enjoys and is comfortable with the company of other dogs and will need to be in a home with at least one other dog. Greta is a very sweet girl and whoever adopts her will be richly rewarded watching her blossom and gain confidence. Even though she will still move away, her face changes when she has been petted, she is delighted with her own progress!

Greta is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, up to date with flea and worm treatments and has a full passport.

If you are interested in adopting Greta please get in touch with us through this website. The adoption fee is £150 and we always require a homecheck. This is done through a national network of rescue volunteers and usually does not take more than a few days to arrange.

Angel’s Kiss only uses kennels for immediate rescue and emergencies, all dogs advertised for adoption have been fostered, so they can be assessed and become familiar with the normal sights and sounds in a family and a household. Greta is in foster care in North Yorkshire. Angel’s Kiss homes dogs throughout the UK but potential adopters must be willing to travel to meet Greta at her current home.

Angel's Kiss Yorkshire
For further details about adopting a dog from Angel's Kiss in York, please contact Gillian Osborne by emailing or telephoning 07880 545545. Please note, this rescue carries out home checks pre-adoption and offers full post adoption support. Angel's Kiss works exclusively with dog pounds, other rescues or volunteers, to help the most desperate of cases. We do not take dogs directly from members of the public. Dogs coming into our care are all offered for rehoming neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If necessary we go the extra mile with physio and behavioural therapy and every dog available for homing has been fully assessed.
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