Grisly – 4 year old male St Bernard

There has been a major change of circumstance at the home that adopted Grisly so he is going to have to come back to us Grisly. He would suit a rural home, that is quiet. Grisly’s history: Grisly was happy in a family for 3 years then one day the wife left and did not return, she now lives abroad and did not take Grisly with her.


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Grisly had up until this point been the wives constant companion with her most of the time, when she left Grisly spent his time in the spot she parked her car or on the chair that was hers. He was not happy being left on his own, sometimes from 5.30am to 8.30pm although a young teenage neighbour did come in and take Grisly out a few times a day, this young boy has now got a job and will not be able to continue doing this.

Grisly always played with other dogs in the past but was never too keen on little dogs they frightened him, now he can not be bothered and is telling the dogs to stay away from him. Where he was always a friendly lad with strangers he now tries to avoid them although continues to be good with children. This lad needs to be part of a family again where he will not be left on his own much. Would think it would be good if the new family took him to socialisation classes just to get him accepting other dogs up close to him.

When he first meets someone new he can bark and lunge forward a bit which can be a bit intimidating, but if you ignore him he comes around in moments. It is just his initial reaction as if he does not know what to do. He was not like this before the wife left who was his main carer. I think he needs to have trust on who is on the end of the lead, he takes treats very gently, no issues with his food have been found so far he sits and waits to be told he can have it. He has been walked on a harness that we felt was no good to him at all changed him to a half check and that seems to be working well but think a dogmatic would be needed to start with while he gets to know you.

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