Harper – 8-10 year old female Miniature Schnauzer

Harper is a 8-10 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. Harper is an ex breeding girl who has led a very traumatic life, as a result of this she is terrified of most things. Since arriving in foster she has settled into a great routine. She loves her walks and is happiest in the company of many other dogs. Harper will never become a “normal” pet even in the loosest sense of the word. She does however enjoy life and is happy to sit on the fringes watching all that goes on.

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We are really looking for an experienced home who will accept Harper for who she is and not expect or demand that she makes changes. Harper is clean in the house provided that she has a canine companion who is happy to sleep in the same room with her at night, all the better if they are happy to bed share and snuggle up together. Her peace comes from having other dogs close by. She does also like the boys and will often try and initiate play with them.

In the home Harper remains nervous of human contact unless of course you have food – the one thing that is guaranteed to override her fears. Tummy always wins out. She really needs new owners with the time and patience to dedicate to Allowing her to trust. Routine is key for this little one and she thrives once she understands exactly how things happen and in what order. She is a creature of habit. Because Harper is so very nervous we will not re home with children, she will be fine with visiting grandchildren as she is happy to remove herself to her safe place until they have left.

Harper can be a very animated and funny little girl in the right circumstances and with time, she is not a ready made pet, she will need dedicated owners who understand that they may never have a dog who is happy to come and lay on the sofa with them for a cuddle. She will in time be happy to come in and lay by your feet whilst you watch the TV. That to her foster was the greatest sign that Harper was growing in trust. She does still jump at unexpected noises and will be un nerved by the introduction of new items in the home.

It is heartbreaking to know that this poor dog has suffered so much that she may never totally trust a human again, we want the right home for Harper and will wait until that comes. She deserves the chance of peace and hopefully we will find her special family who can grant her wish.

Harper is currently on foster in Aldershot Hampshire, she has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. She is also up to date with flea and worming treatment.

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