Harper Harris – 1-3 year old male Cross Breed

Meet the stunning Harper Harris. Harper Harris is a 1-3 year old male Cross Breed. Harper is a fantastic fellow who has traveled over 1,800 miles from Romania. He’d lived in a Sanctuary along with over 600 other dogs. Life for dearest Harper was not always sugar coated glitz and glamour. There were times that he had to scavenge for what ever food sources were available, in order to break through to the next day. What we often take for granted, is truly precious. But until we are in a situation where we have to make real like decisions, we can often forget the value of life. Now, this stunning character resides in Cambridgeshire United Kingdom, living amongst many dogs and cats, in a residential setting. A lovely temperament that will ensure this boy does not wait for his moment too long. He has endured an incredible journey, to give the U.K residents the honour to have such a delight, as a companion.

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If you are browsing upon this advert, and have not fallen in love with him, then he is simply not for you. Harper is the dog that you call to enquire about. He is the dog that you are desperate to meet. Harper has seen unkindness in his life, but is still willing to invest his heart and trust in mankind. Clearly a dog who has untapped qualities, that must receive the highest appreciation. Harper is loving, affectionate, playful, curious, regal, charming, quirky and undeniably handsome!

I trust that you agree as you are still here with me, reading his post. Very good with the 4 resident cats, very good with the many resident dogs of various age, size, gender and character. Harper also lives with children aged 4 years and above, would would also benefit from a home without children so that he can receive the attention for once in his incredible life.

If this boy is for you. Make that call. Get in touch, and share your interest. With a temperament that reflects his, he will not spend much longer looking for a home, as his true appreciation will surface. Fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated, vaccinated against rabies, neutered/castrated and has his own Pet Passport too! All dogs are re-homed subject to a successful Home-check. We re-home outside of the Cambridgeshire area, so please do not hesitate to apply. Email, text or call us. Voice messages are not collected. For more information just get in touch.

Walker's Creek Rescue Cambridgeshire
For further details regarding adopting a dog from Walkerscreek Rescue in Cambridgeshire, please contact Lee or Claire by emailing help@walkerscreekrescue.co.uk or telephoning 0785 323 5843. We re-home dogs anywhere in the U.K. This means that you can apply if you have a U.K postal code. All dogs are re-homed subject to a successful home-check, terms and a rehoming fee.
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