Harpo and Zeppo – 3 year old male and female Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terriers

Harpo and Zeppo need a patient and caring family to offer them a ‘precious pet experience’ and acclimatize them into ‘home life’ and formal walks which their foster has started to do. Patience on housetraining so ample access to garden and a cleanable area until they learn to transfer into outside use. Harpo & Zeppo could live with older children who are well meaning and respectful of dogs. They could mix with other dogs and take their lead from resident dogs or be the incoming pair. Unassessed with cats.


Harpo & Zeppo were reported by neighbours as being neglected in a back garden. They were not being feed regularly. Their owners are now being prosecuted and they were removed by the dog warden. They have come into rescue so we can give them a golden opportunity for humanity to right their wrongs and enjoy the love they have to offer, despite their ordeal. Both now neutered, dew claws removed, chipped and vaccinated. Fostered in Tunbridge Wells,Kent.


Harpo & Zeppo are 2 Marx brothers who will by nature make you smile. They are mutually reliant on one another and need to live the rest of their lives out together. They came to us with an impoverished background and have swiftly moved beyond those dark days and proved receptive and welcoming to human approach and love. They are enjoying the best quality food and show no spite or ill health. There is ever lessening concern in their new surroundings. They are being introduced to housetraining as best their foster’s circumstance allow, as they have been accommodated to avoid kennels at all costs. They are delightful.


Harpo and Zeppo may be Terrier/Chihuahua crosses and are around 3 years old. They are both 12″ to the shoulder and just 6 kilograms in weight currently. Harpo is red grizzle and Zeppo red grizzle with a black muzzle. Both of their individual characters are emerging but both are extremely loving and affectionate and tolerant of the others needs being served. They are enjoying walks out on the streets and in the park and adjusting to new noises, movements, smells and encounters. A wonderful pair and a reward to any family with a rescue heart.


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