Harrie – 7 month old female Saluki cross Lurcher

Harrie is a seven month old Saluki cross Lurcher that came to us in a horrendous state, as a stray from a pound. She had a very serious heart condition that had been left untreated and as a consequence she had failed to grow properly. Through neglect she was simply skin and bone, but even then, her feisty little character shone through.¬†Unfortunately she had contracted multiple, extremely serious gastrointestinal infections from her time in the stray pound. This proved too much for her heart to cope with and she went into heart failure. She was admitted as an emergency to Liverpool Small Animal Hospital and given a very poor prognosis, but again, Harrie’s spirit kept her, and us, fighting for her.


Harrie spent about a week in the intensive care unit at Liverpool. Her heart wasn’t working properly because she had a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) which is the most common congenital heart disease in dogs. Once Harrie had been stabilized, the surgeons were able to ligate her PDA and she immediately began to improve. Noone expected Harrie to recover as well, or as quickly as she did. It was thought that she would have to remain on heart medications for the rest of her supposedly limited life span. We were delighted when she was re-scanned one month post surgery and she was given the all clear! She is now off all medication and is expected to live a normal, and hopefully long life.

Harrie currently lives with eight other dogs and is full of life, always wanting to play. You would never imagine that she once had a life threatening heart condition. She can run for hours and has endless energy. We would like her to go to a home with another dog, and preferably a young, energetic Saluki Lurcher like herself. Although Harrie is extremely friendly and playful with all other dogs of all shapes and sizes, she is afraid of nothing and likes to get her own way! She will need to live with someone who is around a lot of the time and preferably experienced with Salukis to understand their funny little ways and attitudes. She is excellent on her lead but generally gets mostly off lead exercise. Small parks and school runs would not be enough for this energetic little dog,she needs to run and explore, so woodland, country parks and beaches would be ideal. She stays with her pack on her runs, she doesn’t run off but she does like to play chase when it’s time to go back on her lead and being the intelligent little thing that she is, it is sometimes hard to outwit her! You could never be mad with her though because she is just so funny. You could be entertained for hours by her odd little antics and various tunes that she likes to sing. There is never a dull moment if Harrie is around.

Harrie is an extremely special little dog. She beat all odds to survive, and her feisty little spirit and ‘all about me’ attitude is what has brought her through. Her courage and spirit is admirable, she is an inspiration, and she is loved very dearly. For all that she has been through, and just simply for the unique character that she is, she truly deserves the most perfect home where she can be pampered and treasured by somebody that understands and adores her.¬†Harrie can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful home-check. She is microchipped, vaccinated flead and wormed and will come back to our vet to be spayed in due course, or a vet local to a new home. It is a condition of her adoption that she must be spayed.

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