Hatter – 2-4 year old female Lurcher

Hatter is a young female Lurcher of 2 to 4 years old who has come into our care via the pound. Hatter is a bouncy girl who loves her walks and does pull on the lead. She enjoys a treat and responds well to her handler. Hatter has a beautiful coat that feels like velvet she enjoys a cuddle and likes to bury her head into your lap. A super girl. Hatter has been with us some time now and it is hard to understand why as she is a beautiful girl with a playful fun loving nature and would make a wonderful companion. She does have a few bad habits, she jumps up for attention and she can pull on the lead but this distracts nothing from the wonderful girl she is and she would be easy to train with reward based training. Hatter is playful and loves going for walks, she enjoys a fuss and is happy to receive affection from strangers and friends alike. If your looking for a loving playful companion then look no further than Hatter. She can appear hyper when she first comes out of kennels but take her for a nice walk to burn of some of that energy and see the wonderful girl she has the potential to be.

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Update from our volunteer dog walkers: Walked this little girl on Monday. Her coat is as soft as a rabbit! Such a sweetie.. She is very young and bouncy but when she sits in front of you your heart melts. Buster showed great restraint as she was very in his face and needs to learn some manners, but she is a young, clever girl and with the right guidance she will be a fabulous addition. Absolutely beautiful. Hatter is an adorable girl who is full of energy and enjoys a run if you can keep up with her. She soon settles into a brisk walking pace and will stop and sit for a treat on command. She’s a very pretty girl who will be a lovely companion for someone willing to give her some one to one time.

Walked this little girl today and I fell for her, she does jump up at you when exited, and will run full pelt at you if you call her name on an extender, full of enthusiasm and joy, just ready for a fuss and affection, so a short lead is advisable, with a bit of training, I am sure this very happy and playful girl will make a wonderful companion and friend for someone, she is just lovely. Her name suits her personality but she is just a super friendly girl who loves lots of attention. After you walked her today Pam i was walking past her kennel and she was on her back legs in the air fast asleep i had to double back and take a look lol. This is a happy relaxed dog who is happy with her life.

Walked little Hatter today with her new kennel mate and she was such a good girl, walks wonderful on an extender not that she needs one she stays very close, she has calmed down a lot since I first walked her and she has become a real fuss pot wanting you to stroke that velvet head, she will jump up to encourage you to stroke her, and you get a real good look at how pretty she is, a lovely girl, who I think would make a wonderful companion for someone.

Update from Hatter’s kennel maid: Hatter is very much a happy go lucky girl who gets so excited to see you and just wants to play. Bringing her out of the kennels she is also excited and can jump up with walkers so does need some training. She lives well with others and is a sociable girl. Would suit an active home as she has energy to burn but I am sure with regular exercise and training she would be such a great addition to any family.

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