Henry – 5-6 year old male Collie cross Greyhound cross Lurcher

Henry is a beautiful Collie cross Greyhound male Lurcher who is about 5-6 years old and first came to Lurcher Link early 2010. To begin with he was a nervous wreck but with good, kind handling he has begun to trust people, and is now quite a relaxed boy most of the time. He is still nervous around big tall, strong men, but will relax with them eventually if just left alone and allowed to take his own time to see them. He’s obviously been really violently mistreated in the past and is making a very brave and slow recovery.

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Once he’s got to know and trust you, Henry is incredibly loving! He always has a welcome for you when you arrive home, licks and sometimes nibbles your hand, and often does a dance for you. He’s clean in the house and is a very laid-back character. He’s not at all demanding, happy to just hang out in any room and pleased to have some company. He might manage as an only dog if his people were around most of the time, or could take him with them on some of their outings. He’s the perfect house guest, so he’d be easy to take visiting.

At the moment Henry is in a foster home living with three other Lurchers and a mini Pomeranian. He gets on really well with all the Lurchers and is equally happy mooching around with the bitch or playing rough and tumble with the two males. Although curious at first, Henry has been very respectful of the mini Pomeranian and remained trustworthy throughout. He’s basically a very good-natured dog, who is respectful of other dogs and happy to slot in however. Henry is not cat friendly.

Henry’s current foster home is on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. If you’d like to know more about him please email  kaye@lurcherlink.org. Further details can also be found on his Lurcher Link pages : http://www.lurcherlink.org/llink/forum/viewtopic.php?t=86482

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