Hetty – 2 year old female Lurcher

This is the beautiful Hetty who landed with us from the stray pound just before Christmas. At the time she was in the most dreadful state and had horrendous kennel cough that we really had to battle to clear up and has taken a couple of months for us to be fully happy with her recovery. She was so thin and bedraggled and shut down that she appeared at the time to be a much older dog. We did feel though that once she was better and up to health we would find a much younger girlie underneath and we did! Hetty is a very sweet natured girl with people. She gets on in the main with the kennel dogs but as she has a slightly nervous edge she tries to hide with bravado she can be a little growly at times. She would definitely be suited to a home as an only dog with someone around all or most of the time to begin with or with a steadier male already in residence. I do feel she may struggle to co exist alongside other female dogs. Hetty has been cat tested and although she was not lunging or making an attempt to grab at the cat she was you could see yet again, having to fight her nervous underside and this made her very very growly and if too fearful I would not trust her not to hurt the cat so we feel she is best rehomed in a cat free environment to be on the safe side.


Hetty will be better suited to a home environment with older dog savvy children 8 plus. Out and about Hetty walks well and really enjoys being out and about. She does not show any signs of being nervous and fearful but will again growl if on lead and dogs bounce towards her and in her face. We do feel that Hetty would benefit from basic socialisation classes. Hetty also travels well and settles easily on journeys. Although Hetty is still in the kennels she does try her best to keep her kennel area clean so we do not envisage any problems with housetraining other than an initial settling in period.

Hetty is vaccinated, kennel cough vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and has been spayed. Hetty can be rehomed throughout the UK subject to a successful homevisit and any family wishing to adopt her being willing to travel to the Midlands to meet with her alongside any current resident dog.

To apply to adopt Hetty please complete the pre adoption questionnaire below…


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