Holly – 3-5 year old female German Shepherd Dog

Holly is a 3-5 year old female German Shepherd Dog. Holly came to us because she had injured her tail and her owner didn’t want to pay for Veterinary treatment. She had taken her on to breed from and kept her in a very small kennel. Holly had been worrying her injured tails and this had become an obsession. It seems to be linked to excitement and frustration levels now and after a few weeks of distraction. She chases her tail less and less these day and is generally happy to be distracted. It’s clear that Holly was once an indoor dog and she is very relaxed and happy inside. However her coat is that of one who has spent at least the last winter in an outside kennel, she is shedding now and her new coat will reflect her new lifestyle.

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We have found Holly a lovely affectionate girl, generally obedient and calm around the house. Holly has been clean indoors and not destructive. She walks well on lead, though pulls terribly, if on a short lead at the start of a walk. On a longer lead she walks much better and responds well to gentle handling to lessen the pulling, simply stop and wait for her to turn back towards you once the lead is slack, calm praise and carry on. No tugging and yelling required!

Off lead, she stays nearby and constantly checks you haven’t strayed. Off lead she comes back quickly when called. You should keep Holly on a long lead ( I.e. a horses lunge rein), to enable you to practice her recall. a should not be let off lead initially, except in the garden, until she has bonded with you.

Holly has been good with all our other dogs. She has always lived with at least 1 other, & gets on very well with her ‘canine’ family. She hasn’t lived with cats, but didn’t take much notice when i took her to visit a friends cats. We are told that she has grown up with horses and livestock &will ignore them, BUT never have a dog off lead with livestock just in case- the farmer is within his rights to shoot your dog if he believes it to be out of control – that means if its off lead. She is okay to be left home alone for reasonable periods.

Holly had a stomach upset and lost weight, soon after she came to us. The vets dived in looking at malabsorption syndromes, but we believe it was a combination of flood water and not suiting the Burns dog food. We have found Holly is a wonderful girl, friendly, affectionate and an absolute delight to have around. Holly is at the Sanctuary (Kidwelly) and you will need to be able to visit to meet / collect her after our vetting procedures have been completed.

Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

For further details regarding available dogs from Lizzies Barn, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, please contact Fionna at rehoming.lizziesbarn@googlemail.com or call 07976 538588 All potential homes will be vetted and a set donation is payable upon adoption. All dogs will have been assessed and vet checked and, unless advised otherwise, will have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped etc prior to adoption. Potential adopters are expected to travel to Lizzies Barn to meet/collect their chosen dog.
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