Huwie – 5 year old male Bedlington Terrier

Huwie the 5 year old Bedlington Terrier has the saddest of stories. Abandoned to live alone on the streets, Huwie spent around eight months starving and scavenging to survive. We can’t imagine what awful things must have happened to this poor boy before his foster mother managed to capture him. He is very frightened of humans so we believe it is likely that he has faced cruelty before being abandoned or whilst looking after himself on the streets.

Huwie needs an extra special home, one that’s filled with love. A home where he can learn to be a happy, confident little boy and realises that people are good and kind. Huwie deserves to know that he will never be abandoned or hurt again.

Huwie is only just beginning to learn to live in a home, his foster Mum is helping him to walk on a lead and housetraining. He is affectionate towards his foster Mum as he has learned to trust her but he remains afraid of strangers, any quick movement or loud noise frightens him. He is sociable with other dogs and enjoys being with them. He is happy in the company of older, sensitive children. Huwie has no experience with resident cats but his foster Mother has ducks and Huwie doesn’t bother them, in fact he is quite afraid of them. Because of this we feel he could be homed with a dog savvy cat. Huwie will not be homed with young children as he may find the business of a young family home to much at this stage of his life.

Huwie is happy to be left alone in the house for a few hours and snoozes until his Foster Mum returns. Huwie’s adopters will need to have a very secure garden with a minimum fence height of 6 foot. His trust issues mean that he will try to escape given any opportunity. He finds travelling in the car very scarey and tends to freeze until the journey is over.

Huwie is seeking a special home, with patient adopters who can teach him that he has nothing to fear. We feel that Huwie would benefit from living with a calm, sensible resident dog to help him to learn regular doggie behaviour. Huwie’s adopters will need to commit to his training, helping him learn how to walk nicely on a lead and developing his general good manners. Huwie remains slightly underweight and his family will need to ensure he has a good nourishing diet.

Huwie is neutered, has had his first vaccination and is microchipped. He is currently being fostered in South Wales and any potential home will be expected to visit him in his foster home.


Friends of Animals Wales (formerly Friends of the Animals RCT)
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