Ivy – 1 year old female Kokoni Terrier Cross

Ivy is a 1 year old, female Kokoni Terrier cross who was rescued from Cyprus who following a change in her family’s circumstances needs to find a new forever home. She is currently living a home in Wallasey, hoping to find her new home where she will be loved and adored forever.

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Whilst we don’t know exactly what breeds she comprises of, we think she may be part Kokoni Terrier. The Kokoni is a Greek dog and “Kokoni” means “small dog” in Greek. Kokoni love human interaction and are fearless despite their small size. The breed is alert, lively, cheerful, smart and loyal. They are great companion dogs.

Ivy, is a fast, agile, bouncy, happy, young girl. She just loves to give you licks and never stops no matter how hard you try. She can jump really high (much to your guest’s disadvantage as when she gets excited about new or old people coming into her house she just wants to bounce up on them).

Ivy is great on her walks, loves to run more than anything, but she’s very shy around other dogs, often stepping back or running away from them when they try to play. Basically she is a complete wimp, but when exposed to the dog long enough, she’ll warm up to them. She is the same with cats.

She really loves food, she’ll scoff down anything that’s in her bowl. Unfortunately she suffers from separation anxiety and is not coping with being left at home on her own. Hence she needs to go to a family who will be at home to look after her.

She’s just the loveliest dog you will ever meet. She seems so grateful and happy to be in a home in the UK.
She has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. The minimum adoption donation for Ivy is £275.

DOG Rescue Cyprus
For further details about adopting a dog from DOG Rescue Cyprus, based in the UK, please email adoptadalidog@gmail.com . Please note, dogs from this rescue will be neutered/spayed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption and a minimum suggested donation £275 will apply, unless the advert states otherwise. Home checks are carried out pre-adoption and full post adoption back up support is offered.
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