Izzy – 4-7 year old female Yorkshire Terrier

Izzy is a small female Yorkshire Terrier of approximately 4 to 7 years of age. Izzy is a small Yorkshire Terrier looking for a certain kind of home, she can be a timid girl and is partially sighted, she does not like sudden movements or loud noises.

Izzy appears to have been spoilt previously and is in a foster home learning new things. She is looking for a home with no children and if any visiting children she must have a safe place to go, she cannot mix with children. She is looking for a experienced home with terriers, as she cannot see properly she can sometimes lash out.

Izzy needs a small amount of exercise about 20 minutes a day, she likes to sleep a lot and is happy to be left. She is toilet trained and enjoys her food, she can live with another calm dog and possibly cats. She is a good traveler and because of her size no issue on the lead. Izzy is a affectionate girl and at any possible moment likes to be able to get on your lap, things do have to be on your terms as Izzy will become very demanding.

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